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Decorating With The Blue/Orange Color Combination

 These two colors prove that opposites attract because they complement each other, and that  relationship brings excitement and energy to a room. You guessed it, blue and orange are complementary colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. Bold blue and orange are both intense colors that compete for attention. Blue is usually thought of as calming relaxing color while orange really revs things up. They work well together because when blue and orange are combined in a room, the intense drama of the orange is offset by the calming feeling of the blue. If the bolder side of these colors is too much for you, counterbalance their bold personalities by working with their lighter tints. When a mostly-neutral palette needs to be punched up just a little, add a dash of bright orange and blue. The combination works well with any design style. I hope the images in this post will help you if you are intrigued by blue and orange but unsure of how to pull it off.

Softer shades of this color combo lessens the drama and may be more calming.

These shades of blue and orange make this room very soft and feminine.

I love this room and the warm, muted shades of blue and orange. Add in the tan and you have perfection.

Sally Mauer

Don't forget there are many shades of orange. The coral on these walls is a good selection for  bolder blue chairs.

Heavily patterned but it works.

Yellow is a great complementary color for the blue /orange combination.

Lovely color and pattern combination.


I like the addition of an accessory in a  third shade of blue.

Ralph Lauren



This is a well done room. The addition of the light blue stripe on the walls softens the look and adds interest.

If you have navy walls add some orange accessories to excite the room a bit.

You could use as many or as little of these pattern combinations as your taste dictates. They all work well together.


The blue and orange add interest to this predominately white bedroom.


A pretty shade of blue paint with an undertone of grey. A more muted tone of orange looks best.

The shades of blue and orange in this room are perfect for creating a calming atmosphere. The horizontal striped curtains continue the lines that are in the pictures of waves.

Total saturation of strong shades of blue and orange gives this room a dramatic energy. I don't know that I could live with it but it is interesting to look at.

I had to add these images to show how you can even decorate a blue and orange room at Christmas.

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