Thursday, January 31, 2013

Decorating Your Interiors With Pink And Grey

Talk about total opposites! Feminine pink married to masculine grey......can they get along within the same color scheme? This color combination has been around for a few years but is still going strong. Take a look at these luscious living spaces an decide for yourself. 

What makes it work so well is that grey is sophisticated and tones down the girly pink until it becomes elegant and womanly. Although the combo can scream 80's if you go too mauve or metallic, with the all the fabulous new shades of pink, from salmon and cerise to blush and bubblegum your interiors should look fresh and up to date. Couple with the many shades of grey and your rooms can go from demure with sophisticated warmth, to bold, sleek, gun metal cool. 

Grey and pink is such a feminine, classic combination. Toss in a vase of roses and the room is complete!

My favorite shade of pink is a warm rose like this and is lovely used with grey. I am usually not crazy about using the same pattern all over. However this room pulls it off elegantly. The white millwork adds the break it needs.

What beautiful window treatment for a bay or elliptical  window. This pretty combination looks wonderful with a Harlequin floor.

Grey and pink can give your room a soft airy feel particularly when the two shades are in the pastel family.

A lovely modern and antique mix with just a hint of pink.

The palest of pinks pairs perfectly (hey that's a tongue twister ) with the palest of greys to create this tranquil space.

Beautiful borne settee and shelf interiors painted pale pink lose their warmth because of the cooler shade of grey.

Multiple patterns can be so pretty if you are careful and selective. If you are not sure, by all mean hire a professional. It will pay off in the end and you will be happier with the results.

This pink/grey combination looks good with a few black accents because of the abundance of white. Be careful with these colors because they can turn on you real fast if not handled correctly!

If your walls are bold show some restraint on your furnishings and accents.

If you like fuchsia and grey together you can go strong on the grey and use the fuchsia for accents.

Sometimes you might want to have the pink/grey combo but with some other color added in. Here are some nice alternatives that still come across as predominantly pink and grey.

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