Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter White Interiors

Nothing beats a beautifully executed winter white room. At a time when we are intent on denning in, the coziness an all white room lends to quite contentment. From cool gray whites to the warmer creamier tones, they all offer a sophisticated yet welcoming allure.

When the ground outside is covered in a blanket of snow, your winter white interiors can glow and the effect can be magical, otherworldly. I hope you enjoy this post even if it is on a cold snowy day!

Textures, pattern, and finishes play an important part in the winter white color scheme.

There must be a harmonious mix of shades of winter white to pull off a successful look.

Since there is minimal color in a white on white room, it is important to create visual interest in other ways. Be sure to include texture, pattern, layering, and contrast.

We have such frenzied lives right now, but there is a spa-like, restorative vibe that comes from white that is very appealing to people these days.

Often thought of as cold and sterile, winter white can actually be warm! It all depends on texture and added touches that you can bring into your space.

Winter white with gray-based tones works well with colors used in many traditional settings, including Wedgwood blue, dove gray, sage green, and dusty rose.

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  1. GOOD MORNING MY DEAR! WOW... for having been under the weather, YOU sure got a good grip on the BEAUTY of this winter IN THE HOME! Whites, grays.....all that nature has to offer is what I LOVE in my house and you have inspired me again. I have a beautiful but way too large sage green sofa in my old living room that I would love to sell on Craig's list so I can opt for a smaller WHITE settee. It would give me more space AND give me more white in that room.

    My dear, it is always a pleasure to see you visit. I am only so sad that I cannot figure out why your new posts never show up on the top of my list when you post new. AND I HOPE you are well now and ready to hit the ground (covered with snow) running!

    Many thanks Anita


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