Friday, February 15, 2013

Decorate Your Bathroom With Old World Charm

This post is dedicated to the kind of unique, over the top, and beautiful bathrooms we all dream of. No cookie cutter baths here. These beauties are one of a kind. 

Bathing has turned into a mundane routine. Just jump in the shower, dry off and you are finished. BORRRRING! Bathing should be a treat!
Bathrooms usually end up looking practical and utilitarian when they should instead be luxurious.  Bathrooms are ROOMS and should be decorated just like any other room in the house. Don't neglect you bathrooms!

There is nothing like a relaxing soak in a big old tub. Light some scented candles, turn on some soothing music and allow yourself time for refreshing.

You may not have baths like these but hopefully you will get some ideas and be inspired to dress up what you have and make if fabulous too.

I told you no cookie cutter bathrooms!!

Don't really care for the window treatment but the rest is lovely! There are so many gorgeous tubs to choose from today.

A bathroom that transports visitors 130 years, to the early 1880s.

Beautifully appointed bath complete with slipper tub.

Karl Lagerfeld's Bath

A gorgeous bath. I especially like the towel rack.

I love this French style bathroom. Pedestal sinks are still my favorites.

Every bath needs a fireplace, don't you think?

Look at all the French bathroom goodies!

Very Old World  style whether in an old house or a new one. Can't tell for sure about this one.

Glamour bath!

Charlotte Moss

A small bathroom with tons of style.

A beautiful white tiled bathroom!

Wonderful bathroom in a Paris apartment.

This is a new home I think. It is hard to say since they have given it such a charming look by painting the closet and shower doors and adding an old tub.

This bath is for you if you are looking for elegance and femininity

A dream bathroom by designer Diane Burn.

Modern with an Old World charm.

Love the towels in the urn. Am doing this myself!

An American Couple's Paris Home Celebrates French Style

Pretty pink toile gives this bath it's French appeal.

I like so many elements of this room. Thee curtain divider is a great idea especially how it is suspended from the ceiling.

If it is rustic beauty you prefer, this is definitely it!

This urn sink is fabulous!

Cornelis Le Mair's fabulous bohemian bathroom

And last but not least the perfect bathroom for my Boho friends!

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