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Decorating With Maps, Globes, And Other Navigational Elements

Navigational tools have been around since the early days of man, they show the progression of time, changing borders, new discoveries. Maps help us to find where we are going and can remind us of where we have been. Compass roses point us in the right direction. And armillary spheres have helped navigate the skies for centuries. Who can resist the urge to spin a globe, and imagine yourself off on a great adventure to whatever destination lies at the tip of your finger.   Below are some images to help you if you like the idea of decorating with navigational tools.

A lovely display of globes and armillary spheres.

This display of like size maps creates a big statement wall.

This rooms looks like it belongs to a world traveler who has collected artifacts from their adventures.

A perfect spot for a compass rose in this nautical themed room.

Armillary spheres are easy to find in home decor stores. Your can buy an actual sphere or a decorative item like these bookends.

Two different ways to create globe lights.

A large metal armillary sphere sits on a table in this lovely room.

I frequently use old world style maps in decorating for my clients.

Globes have been made in many appealing colors and sizes throughout the years. Grouping a variety of green, blue, tan, and black globes together makes for an eye-catching display.

I like the antique look of this map wallpaper.

I would like to see the rest of this room. It's clever how they have used the compass directions to position their lights.

Maps can show up in the most unexpected places. That's what makes for an interesting room!

A day of flea markets, antique malls, or yard sales will probable produce at least one globe!!

These antique maps of Paris would look very chic behind a bed or sofa.

gifs via tumblr

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