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Citrus Colored Interiors

Refreshing citrus colored interiors never go out of style. These colors will enliven any room in your home with splashes of vibrant shades of yellow, melon, tangerine and lime. Pantone's 2012 Color of the Year was Tangerine Tango but it isn’t the only citrus color to make the season’s color palette. Juicy citrus shades of yellow and green mix well to bring the cheerful colors of the citrus inside your home. Be bold and add in splashes of orange, pink grapefruit, or tangerine for an even more striking look.
Liven up your look by incorporating these shades with pillows, artwork, an ottoman or add a splash of these vivid hues with floral arrangements featuring fresh spring flowers such as yellow roses, tulips and daffodils. Incorporate actual citrus fruits into your decor with lemon and lime highlighted in table centerpieces. And adding orange or lemon scented candles or potpourri will underline the fresh, citrus appeal.The effect is energetic color that makes you feel warmer just by looking at it! Just remember to use a light touch because a little citrus color goes a long way!

A bright and energetic room using all the warm citrus colors

If the vibrant paint scheme seems a bit too much for your home, consider bringing pops of color in through accent pieces. Use colored vases and bright flowers to bring color into a neutral palate. These pretty citrus colors (bright or muted like these) look great with grey.

Paint the walls a bright citrus color. To keep the bright wall color from overpowering the space, pair this citrus color scheme with neutral, light furniture.

Use colored vases and bright flowers to bring color into a neutral palate.Create a lively, bright space with a punchy, citrus-inspired color scheme. Coral is another color that works well with citrus.

Christmas tree for the same room in citrus colors of yellow, coral, and lime.

For rooms with natural architectural elements like wooden moldings, wooden beams and stone fireplaces, accenting the space with colors like lime green, orange and yellow to create a vibrant room. 

Decorate in light white and off-white shades and accent with a few keynotes of bright citrus color. For instance, decorate a living room with a white or cream sofa, walls and curtains. Add a few tangerine, lemon or lime accessories, such as cushions, lamps, a beanbag chair and artwork. The light colors make the room soothing, while the citrus colors add excitement.

Lovely tangerine walls!

Packed with a rainbow of juicy citrus colors this bright living room and patio spreads cheer to all who enter.

Combining citrus colors and white creates a chic, contemporary look.

The light colors make the room soothing, while the citrus colors add excitement.

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