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Decorating With Mirrored Furniture

So, is mirrored furniture a good idea gone bad or an elegant design statement that is reminiscent of a more eclectic era? It is a design statement that definitely seems to have longevity? I recently read an article written in 2001, in which design icon Barbara Barry was speaking about the mirrored furniture trend. You are still seeing these glamorous pieces in interiors today, so mirrored furniture seems to be here to stay. Anything can be cheapened or over done but don't let that keep you from enjoying something you like. Do it right and it will not come across as trendy. 

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I love classical design and there will always be a classical image somewhere even in a post dealing with more contemporary design elements. Trendy really does not describe me. I believe that a good classical piece of furniture or a classical design element will always be in style as long as it is used correctly. I buy pieces for my home that I plan on becoming family heirlooms. My mirrored desk is one of those pieces.

So, is mirrored furniture a good idea gone bad or an elegant design statement that is reminiscent of a more eclectic era? I guess it depends on the individual.

While a whole house of mirrored furniture would be way to over the top, a carefully selected piece or two can add instant style and glam, with a retro classic vibe at the same time.

Given that the inspiration for many of these pieces dates back to the Art Deco era of the 1920s and '30s, you could say that mirrored furniture is anything but a passing trend. 

It's a way to have alot of furniture, even big pieces, without a room feeling cluttered because the reflective surface makes the furniture recede and adds depth to a room.

It may be a elegant style from yesterday, yet in this era of T-shirts and jeans, mirrored furniture is being rediscovered.

A bit over done for my taste but here are some lovely mirrored pieces.

This is a beautiful armoire that would make any bedroom look fabulous.

This shade of turqouise screams old Hollywood and looks so good with mirrored surfaces. 

A pretty chair with a touch of mirror for those who think a little goes a long way.

It's a look that conjures images of pre-World War II glamour — of ermine and satin, top hats and tails.

This piece also has an old Hollywood look about it. And check out the folding screen behind the table. I would love to have that!


Bedside tables are a good way to add the glamour or mirrored furniture to your room without having to commit to a big statement.

The smoky mirrored table and screen help to create a light and bright atmosphere in this room. I love the antique patina of smoky mirrors.

Patterned mirrors used on these matching dressers add a layer of visual depth

This bench has just enough mirror to give this contemporary bedroom a glam style.

I love how you can mix this furniture with almost anything.
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