Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Decorating With Emerald Green

According to color authority, Pantone Color Institute, the big fashion color for 2013 is Emerald Green. Those of us who are not married to trends never knew it ever went OUT of style. But according to them emerald is HOT this year and back with a vengeance. The more popular version might be a bit brighter, but emerald is still lovely in any shade. Here are some ways to incorporate this jewel of a color into your interiors.

Emerald wall treatments are complimented by natural wood trim and moldings.

Emerald rooms can be very pretty, but  you don't have to drench yourself in it to enjoy the trend.

A touch here and there will keep you up to date.

Black and white is a good color combination to compliment emerald green.

Just a few pillows scattered about gives this room new energy.

You can always just accessorize with it.

There are many different shades of emerald green. You can go as dark or as bright as you like. Even combine them with darker walls and brighter accessories.

There is a wide variety of fabric to choose from for draperies and upholstery.

Faux malachite painting on a lovely chest of drawers.

Even kitchens are getting in the act!

Nate Berkus

Malachite wallpaper gives a touch of emerald and pattern to this powder room.

Emerald damask would make any dining room look almost royal.

An antique claw foot tub I marbleized in green and gilded.

Gorgeous trompe l'oeil wall treatment.

Also wallpaper is another alternative to paint.

A beautiful fresh design incorporating emerald green. I love these accent colors.

Beautiful lacquered emerald walls by Michelle Nussbaumer are almost mirror like.

Something like this is nice if you just want a small amount of emerald.

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    You are so correct: I see emerald green everywhere as it is being promoted like it never existed! I have always loved it...I would enjoy it the most ON MY FINGER, surrounded by pavé diamonds! But those velvet chairs are for me, any time. I am a lover of blue and green for any thing from clothing to furniture, but very stuck on and in love with white and gray. But imagine an emerald green velvet pillow on a white couch?

    Thank you so much for coming to visit today and commenting. I wish I would have know my grandmother, but I think down deep, I wish she would have known me. We both danced, acted on stage and loved animals and children!

    Be well sweet friend, Anita

  2. it is good to take the photos of all angles so you can get a feel for the room as a whole, rather than just one view. A room is made up of so much more than just one angle. You are smart! Five years of designsmart…that is a long time but I bet you are learning a ton!! Good for you!


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