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Decorating An Attic Room With Coziness And Character

The attic longer a place associated with neglect or punishment. Quite the contrary!!!

Attics usually consist of low ceilings, tiny, odd nooks and alcoves that many time have no rhyme or reason. However those are the very same things that make an attic room so appealing in the first place. 

When people comment on my 115 year old home, the word “character” is always used. What they are often referring to are original elements such as the old arched windows, hardwood floors, and decorative moldings, mantles and tall ceilings. But this term can also be used to describe some of the quirky spaces like the old winding back stairway that leads to the attic bedroom and game room that we created for our son. They love the raised nook that his bed fits in and the slope of the ceilings. In fact more people ooooh and ahhhh over his unique quirky space than they do my antique filled more formal rooms throughout the house.

Whether it's a hangout for your kids, an extra bedroom for overnight guests, or your own master suite, a cozy attic room might just steal the show in your home too.While designing it can prove challenging, I guarantee you that visitors will always comment on the room’s character.

Here are some pictures to help you with ideas for paint selection and furniture placement. Be sure and pay special attention to lighting and you too will have a cozy attic room of your own.

Attic rooms can be transformed into some amazing spaces.

Don't fight an awkward sloped ceiling -- it's not going anywhere, so use it to your advantage when you situate the furniture pieces

Who wouldn't want to cozy up here with a good book? You want this space to be particularly inviting!!

Consider a mural type wallpaper as opposed to an overall print. Look for interesting rugs, they can make a world of difference as proven here in this wonderful attic room.

This rustic attic bedroom is given a boost of energy from the bright red rug.

Remodeling an attic can give you a lovely loft and added valuable square footage.

Perfection!! For coziness in an attic room be sure to mix pattern.

source unknown

According to an annual study by Remodeling magazine, you’ll get most of your money back by converting your attic into a bedroom. In fact, the folks over at Remodeling magazine crunched the numbers and discovered that, in 2012, people who added an attic bedroom wound up getting 73% of their money back!

The quirky spaces are what you embrace in attic rooms so place your furniture accordingly 

Make the most of interesting nooks and crannies in you attic is what gives it the character you desire.

Texture isn't always about fabric. Sometimes its an exposed chimney or exposed beams. This sweet room has both!

Knee walls, the low walls that join with the slanted roof line, are excellent spots for furniture that you use while seated or lying down.

Remember to pay attention to details. This is a wonderful space even with out the gingerbread inspired beam. But what a difference that one little detail makes!!

The exposed beams in this attic bedroom add texture, definition and instant warmth.

For a cozy Victorian or English cottage look, envelop the room in a pretty floral pattern.

Functionality aside, an easy way to add cozy to your attic bedroom is to create a window seat. It’s perfect for reading, surfing the web, relaxing and added storage.

If you are willing you can make these attic spaces absolutely enchanting!!!

Attic rooms are perfect retreats for the kids.

Upholstered chairs, loveseats and beds are perfect for tucking under a knee wall.

Attic bedrooms are quite romantic and can even be better places to relax and  have a good night’s sleep than traditional ones. There is just something about the coziness of them.

An attic room is a great way to solve your “awkward attic” dilemmas.

To get that cozy warmth be sure and load your bed down with layers of pretty linens.

This is a fabulous attic remodel!!

Bright and cheerful! They have made a very functional room out of little space.

Remember this is one room that doesn't have to be serious. It should be fun, quirky, and cozy!

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