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Decorating With Zebra Rugs....A Contemporary Classic

The Zebra rug is a classical element of design. They are timeless and never seem to lose their popularity. If you want to add a big statement to a room, just put down a large zebra print rug. When well placed, they can add a lively element without being too overwhelming and can do wonders for a room.

As you will see in the following pictures zebra skins can be laid on a bare floor or layered over carpets. I know that alot of designers like to use zebra on sisal or seagrass rugs. I prefer the hide used directly on hardwood, or stone. I have included images of both so you can decide for yourself which you prefer.

Embraced by professionals and homeowners alike, zebra prints have become a popular element in interior design.Their black and white pattern acts as a neutral in a space, while still injecting interest, texture and style.

Almost all of the zebra carpets that we are seeing now are stripes simulated on cow hides or wool area carpets, which I am in favor of.

You can insert them in focal places where they can easily be noticeable. It helps add that touch of eccentricity and interest.

Primary colors such as crayon red or blue, which many times lack the sophisticated feel, suddenly become refined when matched with zebra.

Because the zebra print is neutral in black and white, you can add any other color you want to the room's decor.

This type of eclectic, sophisticated interior feels expensive while retaining a sense of sensuality thanks to the zebra rug.

A zebra floor covering or area rug is the perfect anchor for a room and it commands attention. It's stylish and you don't need a lot to make a statement.

Zebra stripes are perfect for homeowners who enjoy interiors that are fun and a bit whimsical.

Zebra skin rug at its classical best.

The bold, graphic quality of zebra print feels vibrant and hip, and the classic black-and-white zebra print matches a variety of hues.

source unknown

Add in the zebra rug and you have a trendy new look.

A zebra rug adds interest to the neutral palette in this living room.

I love how this zebra hide is layered over an Oriental rug.

They are certainly attention-grabbing!

The zebra stripes work especially well with this shade of blue.

This perennial favorite lends well to the "collected over time" look.

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