Thursday, October 17, 2013

Decorating Your Interiors With Lanterns

Someone asked me the other day if lanterns were passe' to which I replied "no, never"!! There are some design classics that never go extinct. Lantern lighting just happens to be one of those perennials. Lanterns have been welcoming guest for centuries, whether they adorn the sides of our front door or light the way  through our foyers and  entrances. Many times this was the only place people thought to use them. We all know that has changed. The wonderful thing about lanterns today is that you can find them gracing any room in the house. Plus there are so many designs to choose from and many different ways to use them. 

I have gathered some images to show you just how lovely rooms lighted by lanterns can be, and after you view them I dare you to say that lanterns could ever become passe'.

Jacques Garcia

Whether your entrance shouts grandeur.....

or whispers a quite,comfortable elegance, lanterns are the perfect light source.

Metal lanterns are warm and inviting.

Brass is always more formal, but there are some simpler designs like this that tone it down a bit.

Hang them high......

or low, they are lovely either way.

Matthew White

Lanterns work well with a variety of decorating styles.

We all love our chandeliers and they are especially beautiful in a dining room, but so are lanterns.

This room is proof that a lantern can add as much elegance to a dining room as a chandelier.

They also make nice sconces.

Don't limit yourself to the ceiling....standing lanterns are fabulous!!

Anouska Hempel

I think lanterns are especially pretty in creamy rooms.

Matthew White

Love the patina!

Windsor Smith

The ornate lanterns chosen by designer Charlotte Moss are perfect for this Chinoiserie style dining room.

source unknown

You can't beat a tin chandelier and this ornate one is just the accent this simple dining room needs.

Cote de Texas

Here you have the best of both worlds, crystal chandelier and fabulous lanterns. They are perfection on this sideboard.

William Eubanks

Don't forget the more exotic styles!!

The kitchen is the perfect place for lantern lighting. Take a look at this one......need I say more?

A lantern is a good choice for decorating in the Safari Style or the British Colonial Style.

Painting them is another option. I would like to finish one in faux verdigris.

Don't forget to use them liberally in your exterior design.

Douglas Newby

I couldn't resist showing you this crystal one. Talk about "wow factor"!

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