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Decorating Your Home With The Black/Red Combination

If you have a flair for the dramatic, a black and red color scheme offers a bold palette with the ability to create a variety of different styles. This decor is very trendy. For a modern, sophisticated look, black and red will be the correct choice. If done correctly this combination will also offer you elegant, refined traditional and classic interiors. Plus everyone knows that it is also ideal for an Asian interior design if you like.

This is a color combination that really needs the trained eye of a professional. However if you exercise caution and give it alot of thought you too can be successful if you keep in mind some of the tips below. Remember that red can feel aggressive and restless, and black is very dramatic, glamorous, mysterious and sophisticated..... so they can be overpowering and even depressing if you don't treat them carefully

In spite of these obvious precautions, if these colors work for you and your home, you can really achieve some very stunning results, with great impact and 'wow' factor.

Tartan plaid works well with black and red interiors. Black or red walls are the best base for this look

Red, white and black together make a striking and stunning combination, and therefore it is best steer clear of other colors with the exception of green.

The first task is to choose a balance in the colors, which should be tactful choice. Having all colors in the same proportion will do nothing but making things clumsy, so it is best to stick to one base color which in this room is red and add the other two, green and black, in balance.

Gold is another color that complements the red/black combination.

Using white as the main color, and red and black only as accents can give a lighter, brighter feel to your space.

Black and red are bold colors, so just using these colors together will bring a modern mood to the room without having to add any other colors. The walls of red and black rooms look great in lacquer.

Silver and mirrored surfaces are wonderful compliments to the black and red room.

White really lifts the color scheme, gives it life, and makes it much more accessible to use as a practical decorating color scheme in your own home

Even though gray, silver, and gold are colors that works well with red and black, they too have to be used in the right proportion.

Mary McDonald

If you choose white walls, the accented colors of red and black can be in individual items or you can simply choose a mixture of the three in prints. Stripes are excellent options. So are other  prints on small things like cushions and fabrics.

Even with a pop of bright red, mirrors and sparkling chandeliers help to lighten up the heaviness of a black room.

A well balanced charcoal grey room using red as the focal point and  black as the accessory. The white softens the look.

Black and white harlequin floors are always beautiful with red. This homeowner has successfully brought the black and white up to eye level by adding the antique plates on the wall.

You can't go wrong with a bit of leopard in a red and black space.

Black painted or ebony stained wood pieces like dining tables,chairs, and dressers are good choices that blend seamlessly into the color scheme. Zebra rugs are always a good choice.

Red essentially adds a lot of brightness, so how you use red matters a lot. This is mainly because too much of red can overshadow white and black. If you already have a white themed interior, it is best to check for some amazing smaller elements in red. This can be the small things of the interior, an elegant sofa or arm chair, one single wall, or a just a few fabrics and curtains.

A well placed rug can tie in the black, white and red elements of a room.

This room uses small doses of red as it's accent.

This color combination works well for a masculine room.

Using these colors on walls of a large room will make the room look smaller. So instead of painting the walls all red or all black, choose a wall  to accent with these colors. It can serve as the focal point of the room, while you place items using the other colors against the accent wall.

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