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Decorating Tropical Style

There are two kinds of tropical interiors........trendy and timeless. As you know I am not a big fan of trendiness, so it stands to reason this blog will focus on elegant, timeless, tropical interiors. If done correctly a tropical room can stand the test of time and never be dated or out of style. It doesn't matter where you live, you can create a tropical getaway in your own home with a few design tips. 

Tropical style is all about comfort, ease and utility and is eclectic by definition.The style is characterized by warm and soothing, colors drawn mostly from natural elements such as the sea, sky, and vegetation. Hues may be deep and rich or may fall on the lighter, brighter side. The sea and sky provide a range of blue tones, while the sun-drenched sand offers various golden tones. Other colors come from tropical foliage which is lushly green with brilliant flowers in a rainbow of colors. Other element include natural materials like bamboo, rattan, jute and exotic wood furniture such as teak. Fabrics and accessories are usually printed with island motifs, tropical plants and materials, framed dried plants, natural textures with simple floral prints or various topics in the jungle. 

By using a tropical influence you can create your own oasis at home.

Great song for getting in a "tropical"mood!!

Whether on the windows or a piece of furniture like this armoire, shutters look fabulous in the tropical  interior.

Wicker furnishings are a perennial favorite for those choosing a tropical theme.

Wonderful wooden ceilings make a big tropical statement. Beds are usually high off the ground to allow fresh air of the island to circulate around the room.

Traditional elegant furnishings infused with modern colors and tropical plants creates a dynamic space

Just a touch of the tropics is all you need sometime. Rooms that are saturated with tropical elements can turn sour on you real quick.

Lattic is another material that can be used to creat a fabulous tropical room. You may not have this grand a space to decorate, but like with many of the images I post, you can take an idea and do something with it on a smaller scale.

source unknown

There are many tropical accessories on the market today. Just be selective and choose the items that will last through the "trend".

In case you like vibrant colorings, then to boost tropical adorning, you should utilize colors such as orange, yellow, violet or purple which can brighten up the tropical interiors.

This beautiful entrance is an example of quite tropical elegance. It is traditional in design but the tone on tone palm wallpaper and the simple centerpiece of tropical foliage add an unmistakably island feel.

Another tropical color palette is created by combining lots of neutral colors and soft hues which give the feeling of airy space.

Baskets and metal containers filled with tropical plants will seem hugely appealing in a tropical space.

Feel like you are living in the tropics with an outdoor motif via tropical foilage wallpaper like the ones seen here and below. 

Opt also for those shades of yellow and green which come in contrast if you have dark colors of the furniture.

A good selection of accessories makes this bathroom successful

source unknown

I am a sucker for a harlequin floor and find they work very well with tropical interiors

A traditional room can still achieve a tropical look with plants and the right accessories like the parrot figurines and the bird cages.The shades of blue, green, and gold are natural and work well with the tropical elements.

Tropical travel posters make an instant statement. The roll up shades finish the look although I would have to add a palm or banana tree.

Kitchens are sometimes difficult to incorporate into a tropical design but this one works wonderfully.

This bedroom features a simple and clean approach to the tropical motif.

I love the elegance of  this room. The cane backed chairs and the large tropical plants give this room just the right amount of the island atmosphere.

This room has many nice elements associated with an island style from the shutters to the parrot chandelier.

The natural elements of stone and bamboo are perfect for a tropical style bathroom. the divider is an excellent choice!

Emphasis is commonly placed on hardwood furniture such as teak or mahogany to give weight to a tropical interior. The painted or papered ( it is hard to tell which from the picture) wall treatment sets the stage for the tropical flavor of this room.

Wallpaper is gaining in popularity again and is another option for creating beautiful tropical spaces.

A tropical bedroom with a minimalist style. Just some trunks at the end of the bed and a few other accessories is subtle yet still gets the message across. A mosquito netting canopy would look nice too.

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