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Decorating The Rustic Kitchen

I like a kitchen that has style. I have seen huge kitchens loaded to the rafters with all the latest counters and appliances and back splashes that contractors will tell you that you must have in today's kitchen. Usually they come off cold and antiseptic....not what a kitchen is suppose to be at all. Plus when you go next door, there it is all over again. I am not a trend driven person, in interiors or fashion. I am impressed by a sense of style not cookie cutter looks, especially in kitchens.

The focus of this blog is the rustic country style kitchen....a unique kitchen that reflects it's owners charm and personality. Also there will be some country kitchens that give you a ‘vintage’ feel with their overall style, one that fits with an earlier time. I hope these images will give you ideas on how to make your rustic kitchen as authentic as 

Always warm and inviting, never without style, these unique kitchens are delightful and will have you falling under their spell in no time.

Any signs of age only add to the charm of the room. You don't want your tables and chairs to be in pristine condition. The checkerboard painted floor and the sunny yellow trim all add to the warmth of this kitchen.

Most rustic kitchens create a feeling of comfort. Exposed beams are one of the quickest ways to set the stage for the rustic kitchen.  Stone floors will also add to the look, however I think a rug would warm up a space like this that can tend to look cold.


Baskets, buckets and a butcher block all add to the warmth of this country kitchen.

The white rustic kitchen is my personal favorite!

White exposed beams are a wonderful design element for the rustic kitchen. Look for an unique work table, shelving other than the conventional kind, and metal lighting. Dry some herbs for a delightful accent of scent.

Of course rustic kitchens can  be colorful! The beauty of the farmhouse kitchen is in the use of furniture for storage instead of modern kitchen cabinets.

I suggest tables that can double as work tables instead of islands in a rustic kitchen.

Bakers tables are always nice.

A  kitchen this rustic is for someone who appreciates wood and stone. 

The more natural stone used in a kitchen, the more rustic the feel.

What a wonderful space!!!! It would be so much fun to cook in here.

This rustic kitchen is softened by the addition of gingham and ruffles. Notice he curtain treatment of the class cabinet doors.

Touches of a rough-hewn material such as a wooden pantry door or pine island complement this welcoming, and comfortable environment. The touch  of blue and white make this kitchen especially pretty.

Consider yourself very luck if you have a fireplace in your kitchen. A long harvest table is a must for the rustic farmhouse kitchen.

This kitchen features an antique baking table, a hood framed with antique beams and a bold stone and hardwood floor. The long wooden trough looks lovely filled with flowers.  Also try something different with these wire baskets.

A collection of crocks is a great addition to the rustic kitchen.

If you like chippy decor, the kitchen is the perfect place for a piece or two.

Who wouldn't like to cook in this wonderful kitchen?

In the farmhouse kitchen you don't want to hide everything behind cabinet doors.

A rugged and colorful kitchen. Kitchens should be fun.....after-all you spend much of your time there.

source unknown

I love furniture like armoires to be used as kitchen storage. It makes for an interesting and authentic rustic kitchen,

The door, exposed beams, stone floor and  whitewashed walls all set the stage for this kitchen. Now add in the right accessories.....wrought iron chandelier, pottery bowls, cooking utensils that are exposed instead of hidden away, terracotta flower pots. All this adds the charm to the rustic kitchen.

Rustic kitchen come is all styles. This one has a nautical feel.

Remember you are not looking for perfection in the rustic kitchen. The paint on these beautiful cupboards  is not in pristine condition. This is the charm of the rustic kitchen and you must enjoy the patina of age to be happy with this style of kitchen.

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