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Decorating With French Wine Bottle Drying Racks

No, this blog post is not about medieval torture devices. This blog features a common household item used in almost every French Chateau dating back to the 1800’s that is presently coveted for it's aesthetic appeal in today's French inspired kitchens.

The purpose of the French bottle drying rack was to provide a place for French families to  dry and store empty wine bottles before returning them to the vintner for refills. Because of their spiky appearance the bottle drying rack was nicknamed “hérisson bouteilles”, which means “bottle hedgehogs” in French. They are whimsical yet very functional pieces of French history that will give your kitchen that "vintage industrial meets classic French" look.

There are so many uses for this well loved traditional French kitchen item.

The bottle drying rack is a spiky, metal tower-like contraption, widely used in France to dry used wine bottles, that provides both efficiency and style in the French kitchen. If you are tired of kitchen counter decorations that really serve no purpose then you might want to consider treasure hunting for one of these great drying racks.

If I decide to make the purchase ( they are a bit pricey), I would use the bottle drying rack for drying glasses and cups just because I like to use things for what they were intended and this is how I think the racks are the most beautiful.

That being said, the possibilities are endless when it comes to using these French bottle drying racks in your home.

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Use them for drying cups or use a bottle drying rack simply for displaying a teacup collection.

The bottle drying rack provides a stylish option for storage or display in a kitchen.

These racks are great statement pieces for the vintage or French style kitchen.

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Pots and pans are stored on the French bottle drying rack in this rustic French farmhouse style kitchen.

Zinc bottle drying racks have an industrial, utilitarian look that is stunning when wedded to a kitchen that has the casual charm and refinement of French design.

If you love Industrial French style, use the white or neutral basics and white cabinets as a backdrop then you can add in industrial accents like these lights, metal seats, and the perfect accent.......a French bottle drying rack.

How pretty is this French bottle drying rack turned herb drying rack!

Or turn your drying rack into a makeshift tulipiere.

This homeowner has found the perfect place for a Christmas mercury glass ornament collection. I would love this with some bits of greenery and holly.

 Get creative with a french bottle drying rack this Christmas!

And why not use a bottle drying rack in your gardening area. Works really well with other zinc gardening tools........

and is great for storing clay pots!! Using a French bottle drying rack like this gives a charming vintage flair to your outdoor entertaining area.

Creating a captivating piece of art is another lovely idea for your French bottle drying rack.

Image from Southern Style by Mark Mayfield

If for nothing else buy a French bottle rack for drying your crowns!!

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