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Decorating With Books........Books,Nooks, and People That Love Them!

 I remember my mother would take me out to buy them every week when I was a little girl. That was a treat for me. Didn’t want dolls…it was books that satisfied me. My mother’s dedicated reading to me has made me the voracious reader I am today.  I love having books around me so I use them as decoration in my own home as well as many of my client’s homes.

Many people feel that it's silly to purchase books for pure decorative value. I have found some books with beautiful bindings and also leather bound books at antique malls and fleas markets.  It is easy to create attractive vignettes with them.

There is something indescribably appealing about rooms filled with books, walls lined with well-organized shelves. Many book lovers dream of having such a space themselves, although not everyone has the space to have a dedicated library room in their dwellings. Reading nooks are the perfect solutions and they are so charming that they make great additions to any home decor.

I hope the images below will inspire you!

The bed and the shelves of books make this a cozy retreat.

I love to use old books in decorating.
Isn't this stairway library clever?

This is one of my designs. I love to use books and bookends in the interiors of my clients. They had some nice old books just hidden away so I brought them out and scattered them throughout the house in different vignettes.

Surrounded by books. And I love the zebra. Hope it is faux!

Rummaging around in this book store would be delightful!

A wonderful quaint bookstore to spend an afternoon on!

Isn't this a cozy book nook? It looks as if they have turned a closet into a mini library. The whole room has such vintage charm.

A color blocked library! How clever to combine colors to make your library wall a colorful focal point. It brings a texture to the wall that might not be there if the covers were all jumbled up.

Girl With a Book, by Pietro Antonio Rotari (1707-1762)

I  think the citrus colors against the black bookcase are fabulous!

I love them standing by themselves, or held in place by lovely bookends, or even stacked up as a base for a lamp. You can find so many ways to use books in vignettes to decorate your home.

The large windows with simple window treatments and the abundance of white, make this a  bright cheerful reading room.

Elegant but inviting! I'm crazy about the black floor!

Imagination running free!

It's fun to scour antique stores, flea markets and even yard sales for beautifully bound books like these to use in your home decorating.

This is a very lovely place to sit and read. Can you imagine opening those windows and sitting there in the breeze, totally immersed.?

Cute idea for a book shelf!

I could read here for hours!

Marilyn Monroe was an avid reader. She had a personal library of over 400 books. She loved James Joyce, Walt Whitman and poet Heinrich Heine. Saul Bellow and Carl Sandburg  were literary heroes.
Of all the pictures taken of Marilyn, she liked the ones of her reading the most.

I love how this room is painted in such a soothing color. Looks like a great place to read.  Create your own book nook somewhere in you home. 

The Library of Napoléon at the Fontainebleau

And whether your library is large......

or small, use it to unwind, relax and forget about reality for awhile.


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  1. I am such a fan of books in decor - they add such a personal touch and bookcases are the perfect addition to any room for their beauty and function!

  2. HERE HERE! On the contrary, my childhood did not involve a lot of books. My mom was illiterate but I can read several languages, and I am a fluent French speaker and teacher. My home NOW has books in every room of the house except for the dining room and kitchen!!!

    LOVE ALL YOUR PICTURES, LISA! Have a fantastic day! Anita

    1. Now Anita, I'll bet there are some wonderful COOKBOOKS in that kitchen. I am guessing you are a great cook!

      I envy you that you are fluent in other language. I took two years of French and wish I had taken it more seriously. I probably could get around OK in France as I can read and speak well enough to visit and not be intimidated. They would be in for a treat...French spoken with my southern accent. What other languages do you speak?

      Thanks for stopping in and BE BLESSED!

  3. I love books too! Nice to meet a fellow KY blogger. So funny too- as today I have a contractor here building a floor to ceiling bookcase in our home office. ;)

    1. Thank for the visit and ENJOY your new bookcase!

  4. Gorgeous...I'm off to find some vintage books today. So inspiring. Have you been to Shakespeare and Co. in Paris? I'm sure you would adore it!! A bientot.

    1. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you find some beauties. I have never been to France but through your pics and info like that above, I am learning my way around. I use to be intimidated about making the trip but am looking so forward now and hope I can come soon. Regards, Lisa

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you for the kind comment!! I love books so much ...not ready for the techno books!! LOL Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Good Morning Lisa, I follow you on Pinterest and found your blog today. I LOVE your blog, website, and "Taste"! It fits mine to a "T"! I look forward to following your blog, and will probably be happily pinning your beautiful images. Thanks for your inspiration.

    1. Greetings Carol, I am so glad you enjoy the blog and thank you for visiting!!! Pinterest IS fun,isn't it? I am going right now to start following your boards!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


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