Saturday, July 28, 2012

Decorating With Crowns.........Add A Touch Of Royalty To Your Interiors

In celebration of the Olympics being held in England this summer, I thought a post dedicated to crowns might be fun. Even though they have been around for a while (just check out any home decor store) they still maintain popularity.  I guess it is the princess in all of us that likes royal head wear. Whether they are antique, new, blinged out, or simple and elegant, crowns are pretty and can be used in a variety of ways to add a touch of  stateliness and grandeur to your homes.

I love pillows and have created some for clients using crests similar to this one. They are wonderful embellishments and can be used on window treatments, guest towels...just be creative.

I delight in interesting pieces to use in decorating. This one just happens to wear a crown. This wonderful photo was taken by Simone of Fleaing France at a fair in Provence.

New items you can find at any home decor store.

Pretty simple crown and linens. Simple and elegant touches are always nice when decorating  and accessorizing.

Even though I lean more towards vintage and antiques, I do like some of the new accessories that have an aged quality about them. 

Coronets and beautiful fabrics can give a regal feel to any bedroom.

Another elegant coronet. This time the effect is more french chic.

I love this simple yet regal crown.

A new crown with a distressed finish would be a nice touch. 

If husbands could just get this!

Very stately!

Do something whimsical like this. Decorating can get too serious sometimes.

So pretty. We all need a journal in which to write and reflect on our dreams. It is a way of keeping them before our eyes. Helen Keller once said, "The one thing worse than having NO SIGHT, is having SIGHT, but no VISION.

And I would be amiss if I did not pay tribute to British Royalty!


  1. Such beautiful images and I love the idea of adding a little royalty to a space. The coronet in the neutral colored bedroom is fabulous - want the whole room!! Thrilled to find and follow your beautiful blog ~

  2. I found your blog a couple of days ago and subscribed to the feed. Today when I came on to read I was pleasantly surprised to see the second image of your post. I took that a couple of years ago at a fair in Provence. So happy that you like it!

    1. Greetings Simone, Thank you so much for visiting and subscribing to my blog. I am so glad you enjoy it. Thank you for informing me about your picture. I love it and the fact that you took it makes it even more special! I will edit it to include that info. I hope you have a blessed weekend and do come back!! Lisa


    Oh dearest, my whole blog was created four and a half years ago with the intention of sharing my love for crowns! My home is filled with vintage crowns and tiaras along with some beautiful reproductions, but like you, I do lean more towards the authentic! I have some in glass cabinets but others just sitting atop a dress form, a statue or a coronet hanging above my settee on the wall.


    1. Anita, I would LOVE to visit your home, I am sure it is BEAUTIFUL plus it would be a lovely EXPERIENCE. I love a house that entertains and I am sure yours would!

      I love the white and grey French look. My former home was more in that style with stuccoed walls and beamed ceilings. I had more primitive antiques and simpler accessories. I really miss it sometimes. My life changed and I needed to reinvent so I changed my interiors to a more formal but not serious eclectic style. Would love to blend the two style more in the future.

      I know that so many of my posts have already been done before, I am just trying to open things up a bit for people in my area that are so set in tradition by showing different things I have loved for years. I have been decoratively lonely, (probable not grammatically correct lol, but you know what I mean),for a very long time. It is therapeutic just to get it all out!! So glad you stopped by and hope you enjoy your week! Hugs, Lisa

    2. Anita, Did you see my post about French Country called The White Album? It was posted when your friend was in town. Au revoir!

  4. I really like the idea of using crowns in the home, kind of adds a bit of glamour!

    Also just to let you know I've tagged you for the liebster tag award, it's a wonderful award all about discovering and recognising blogs and bloggers. Heres the link to my post with all the information, keep up the good posts too! :)

  5. Well can anyone have too many crowns? I think not : -) Thank you for the great collection of photos. Clarice

    1. Clarice, I totally agree with you!!!Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you will come back!!! Lisa

  6. WoW! What an amazing post! I'd love to have the Book of Dreams...
    Warm Reagrds from Italy
    Barbara, wearing my invisible crown!

    1. Greetings Barbara, I am so glad you enjoyed your visit and I really appreciate your kind words. I love the Book of Dreams too and believe we all need to make one. I have, and look at it every day!! Coming to Italy someday is definitely in there!!! Blessings,Lisa

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  8. Love the idea of adding little crowns to my Cherubs. Perfect excuse for another collection to start chasing :)


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