Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Join The Industrial Revolution With Galvanized Home Decor

Who would have thought  that grandma's galvanized buckets and tubs would be sought after for our home decor? I never saw the beauty until recently either. Of course grandma didn't plant pink geraniums in her buckets...she needed them for mopping. We have taken something totally utilitarian and turned them into really pretty home accessories reminiscent of French country homes. Whether they are shiny or aged, I love the bling and subtle shine they bring to our indoor and outdoor decorating. You can find them at flea markets and homes decor stores and they are affordable which is always a plus! Here are some pictures that will hopefully inspire you to add some "heavy metal" to your environment!!

Topiary in galvanized containers create a very pretty entrance to this home. Stone and galvanized accessories are perfection when used together!

Simple but beautiful. These small buckets are lovely floral containers and work well in contrast to the beautiful china.

Tres chic!!

You can't beat geraniums in galvanized containers. They are charming accents to any garden area.

Lovely old metal bed would be perfection in a French country bedroom.

What a cute table for this rustic porch!

I am sure drinks have to tast better from these dispensers!!

Some clever person has created a whimsical fountain from these lovely galvanized tubs and watering cans. What a great project!

Flowers look so pretty in galvanized containers.  You can find all shapes and sizes.

The older, the better!!

I think these galvanized baskets and tubs used as lighting are so unique and gorgeous! How fun it would be to set a table with these shining down on it.

Watering cans be used in many clever ways.  Just use you imagination. These pink flowers are stunning against the grey of the porch and aged  tin.

Very creative!!

I want some of these to use at my home!!

Any color looks great against galvanized!

These wonderful trays would make any table setting delightful.

What a fun picnic table!! You will surprise yourself with how creative you can be!

See what I mean?

And let us not forget weddings!

I hope you are inspired to collect and use these galvanized beauties around you home. They are great decorating accessories.

Have fun!!


  1. Love their industrial look too Lisa...mine here in the apartment have ivy spilling out from them...but maybe I need some red geraniums too!

  2. Good morning, Lisa!

    I have you on my blogroll and have been watching to see when your next post would be. THANK YOU for visiting me last night with the kindest words! It is literally my PLEASURE to compose an experience on my blog of music, images and words. I thank you for appreciating that! OH DEAR, what can I say about galvanized metal........I love it. I so agree with your design sense my dear. The way I look at it, elements of style for MY HOME consist of these time-worn, time-PROVEN materials such as metal, wood, crystal, and the most organic of fabrics. We are currently having a covered deck built off of the French doors of our great room. Last night, we were able to enjoy the ALMOST finished product. I have a fabulous slab of granite in my garage and all I need is a good sturdy metal table upon which I can set the slab on and make a table for those Al Fresco evenings of friends and food.

    WOW, I love your post. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us and just to let you know, I have a guest coming on Monday that will require my attention AWAY from the computer. I will try my best to visit everyone's new posts, but I will have to juggle my blogging time so that it doesn't interfere with my guest's visit!


  3. Hello Lisa,
    Such beauty found here, and such an inspiration... You are so kind to share.. Your home is breathtaking!
    Thank you so much for your visit and kind words.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend

  4. Penny the visit to your blog is a treat that I thoroughly enjoy! Thank you so much for the compliment on my home! Hugs, Lisa

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  7. This is so much more than i needed!!! but will all come in use thanks!!
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  8. Beautiful! You've put together a wonderful post on galvanized home décor, so many ideas! I'm thinking myself on doing a pendant shade with one, maybe soon! Oh, I've got your post here linked to my DIY galvanizing post as well today!

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