Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bohemian Interiors and Accessories

Boho...Gypsy...Moroccan...Hippie...Beatnik... Circus... These are all names associated with a style of interior decor most people refer to as Bohemian. I actually consider it a combination of all the above and love it's eclectic and eccentric influence on a room.  My 17 year old son has a loft bedroom and gameroom  in the attic of our circa 1900 home. You can bet money on the fact that when he leaves the nest (which believe me will break his momma's heart) those two rooms will be turned into my own personal gypsy retreat! I will need the therapy to deal with him leaving! I know many of you LOVE this style of decorating and have asked for more posts about how to achieve the look. I hope you find some inspiration to help you with your gypsy dreams!!

A true Bohemian room should look like it has been furnished over decades of globetrotting and a lifetime of creative scavenging.

Arguably the most important part of Boho decor is it's use of textiles...pillows, blankets, slipcovers, rugs and fabric draping.

Make your patio or porch an extension of your Bohemian interiors. Or if the look is something you want to experience in smaller doses, consider having a fun outside entertainment area.

Accessories are an important part of an eclectic interior. There are many options out there for you to collect.  This is a style you can have FUN with!

This room reflects the Moroccan influence that makes Boho interesting.

This is an example of how Bohemian can go formal yet still have that rich, warm, comfortable feel. Lots of patterns are necessary to bring this look to life.

The cool thing is that you can create your own accessories. The more individual the better!!

No shiny upholstery......your soft furnishings should look as if they have been worn over a period of time. You can cover your chairs with a large selection of new fabrics that have a time worn look

I had to share this wonderful Bohemian themed cake.  There are some really pretty chandeliers that will make great additions to your room. Jewel colored sheers will make beautiful window treatments and adding fairy lights make it look even more enchanting.

This room reflects a more tailored Bohemian style. However, the gorgeous mix of patterns and jewel tone colors are still right on!

I just had to throw this image in because it is so pretty. If you feel that this FASHION is not for you....make pillows or curtains for your interiors!! It is fun to thrift shop for interesting cloth from which you can make accessories.

Gorgeous window treatment for a Bohemian interior. Use colorful sheers or ecru ones like in this picture and then drape something similar (maybe multicolored beads) as a valance.

Beautiful jewel tone colors against an aqua painted wall....so pretty!

Hammocks and swings are great Boho accessories!

What eclectic interior would not benefit from this beauty!

I would love for you to leave a comment about what inspires YOU about the Bohemian style!

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