Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The White Album - Decorating in the French Country Style

How do you define French Country decorating? Personally, it is one of my absolute favorite styles. It embodies grace, charm, and simple elegance. The French Country style is warm and welcoming and is inspired by the ambiance of the amazing Provence landscape. This style brings the colors, textures and freshness of the French countryside into your home. The look is romantic and charming, using old and worn elements combined with an air of down to-earth comfort for a look of casual elegance. It is simple and fun to mix antiques and flea market finds and new items to create a decidedly country French aesthetic. French decorating is possible at any budget.

The warm, inviting space of your French country home is just right for relaxed, comfortable times with friends and family. And when you close your eyes, you may even imagine a sunny French vineyard stretching out just beyond your window.


Simple, graceful lines are a prominent feature of French country furniture. These furniture choices will give your living room an old world French country charm.


French Country decorating truly has no set rules...just a few guidelines. It is all about textured walls, informal wood tones, weathered patinas, and distressed painted furniture. 

A great craft idea that will add some bling to your French Country home. This style can be accessorized with a subtle amount of crystal, (especially chandeliers) and  tidbits of glam. Just be very careful, this must be handled with finesse. 

Remember, French Country interior design is pastoral in nature! Aren't these babies adorable?


For a genuine French country atmosphere, choose living room floors with an old, rustic and informal look.

See the different textures here. Very important. You just can't paint everything white and expect a true French Country look for you home.

The French village where Joan of Arc met with the Dauphin.


Beautiful textures from marble to fabric. Look at how there are 7 elements of texture in the one picture in the middle. This is how you have to THINK when decorating in all white to keep your interiors from becoming too FLAT!

Texture from floor to ceiling. Fabulous!

A bicycle with lace decorated wheels....why not!! Just remember with French Country lace has to be used sparingly. Fru Fru and country don't mix. The best lace to use is a heavier tatted lace. Nothing TOO delicate!

Beautiful cream exteriors. Notice how they are not all the same color. Remember to not paint your interiors all one color white. It is the mix of  whites that give interest to French Country! The mix of colors give the kind of texture that is needed in a monochromatic color scheme.

Flowers and metal, always gets a thumbs up!

Don't forget to accessorize....it makes the home!


The French embrace the “hearth and home” lifestyle, and it reflects their love of life.

 If this is the style you wish to achieve, you will have to be a treasure hunter. You will have to be willing to go to flea markets, antique shops, and garage sales. But I promise, the hunt is half the fun!

French Country decor must haves! Pretty linens!


Baskets of flowers!


French milled soaps!


As with French country fabrics, mixing and matching furniture is the norm for this decorating style. 


Distressed wood is a must for a French Provence style decor.



Do you find white boring? Think again! 
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