Friday, July 6, 2012

My Faux Limestone Wall Treatment Project

In between posts of interiors, vignettes, gardens, and other images that I find fun and whimsical, I sometimes share pictures of my own designs for the homes of various clients. 

Recently I decided to do a faux limestone treatment on the hall walls of my own home. The house has 12 foot ceilings so I knew it was going to be a "project" and one I would never be able to take with me. Since we will definitely be here for a while longer, I decided to commit to the project.

This house was built around 1900 according to my neighbors. It is in a lovely location with The Historic Irvine McDowell House and park within walking distance up the street, and the Million Park behind. Also at the end of the street is the Watson estate built in the mid 1800's. The estate is empty now, but is maintained with a fund set up by Emma Watson before her death. It has beautiful walled English gardens in the back complete with old roses, peonies wisteria that has overtaken an old oak tree, aged boxwoods, mazes, fish pond, statuary and old iron benches. The gardens are old and almost overgrown. My son grew up playing in what he thought was his own "castle" garden. 

Anyway back to the topic of the faux painting project.

Tim helped me with taping off the grid. It was horrible looking with all the blue painter's tape marking the blocks. I really appreciate him and the fact that he let's me do some pretty crazy things around the house. I know he gets tired of hearing me say "just trust me".

I wish you could see this french tapestry. It is beautiful in person and is hanging on a gorgeous rod that I neglected to get a picture of. I started to take another one for this post but have no excuse other than laziness for not doing so 

Here is a closer look at the wall and some of the needlepoint I do. It's my therapy!! Unfortunately I don't see as well as I use to so don't do as much. None of you ladies have that problem do you??

Christmas 2011
Anyway here is the finished product. Is it perfect? No. But I am proud of it and glad I did it. I will hate to leave it if we leave this old house. I would love to hear from any of you who have done a similar project!


  1. "PERFECT" is not part of my vocabulary anymore. WELL DONE far as interiors and the STYLE that I think we both agree on does not have PERFECTIONS but imperfections that connote age and a WELL-worn life. FANTASTIC JOB MY DEAR. And the tapestries are fab. I have several in my home and they add warmth in the middle of a cool palate of white and gray, crystals and stone....BRAVO!! Anita

    1. Hi Anita, Yes I totally agree with you, I love the imperfections and wouldn't have it any other way. My friends like everything new and just cannot understand me, but love me anyway. LOL My laptop is being repaired and this OLD desktop is frustrating me to no end. I have been to your latest post, but for some reason I can't listen to the harpist. Since the music you choose always enhances the experience, I will be back early next week when they promise me it will be done. I love tapestries too and would like to have one of the BIG ones. Haven't found one I can afford!! I am sure you have some pretty ones. Blessings on your weekend!!, Lisa

  2. Lisa, I love it. It brings instant character and goes so well with your beautiful decor.

  3. We haven't done a treatment like this but, in our very first house, MANY years afo, we painted the ceiling in our "rec room" BLACK!!!!!!!!!! Everyone thought WE were crazy....til they saw it! It was like the ceiling disappeared. Some people thought I should paint starts on it because it was like being outside looking up in the sky at night. In this house we have one wall in a bedroom painted black. My hubby built a shelf unit that fills the wall and so all the objects on it, just POP against the black. So glad I found your blog!!! XO, Pinky

  4. Geesh! Forgot to say how much I LOVE this!!!!

    1. Thanks Pinky. I have always wanted to do a black ceiling. Thought it would make my 12 ft. ceilings look even taller. Sounds like it worked for you so I may still give it a try! Glad you shared your experience!!!


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