Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yellow Interiors........Always Cheerful

No interior color can cheer you up quite like yellow. Whether you paint or paper your walls in it or accessorize with it, yellow is such a happy color, that if you will allow it to work it's magic, before you know it you'll be smiling again. I hope these images will brighten your day, and of course inspire you to use the color yellow in your home decor.

Now sit back, listen to ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE from the musical Spamalot, (SE SURE TO GIVE IT A MINUTE FOR THE SONG TO START) and enjoy the images.  

Yellow always  helps you look on the bright side !!!

Take a stroll under a lemon pergola.

In this room yellow becomes a neutral  that these pretty bright colors pop against.

Diane Burn

One of my very favorite designers. She always brings an Old World charm to her interiors with her use of murals and trompe l'oeil.

With the walls painted lemon yellow, this French Country kitchen oozes charm.

Think in terms of citrus and you won't go wrong when decorating a yellow room.

This is such a pretty color combination and the leopard chairs are perfect.

Muted orange and peach always looks pretty with yellow.  The use of grey anchors the room.

David Easton

The light wood of the beams and woodwork is perfect for this gorgeous room.

John Fowler

Yellow flowers are so cheerful, especially in a lovely pitcher like this one.

I love the way the yellow accessories "pop" in this room

This room demonstrates how the right plaid, checks, and stripes look beautiful when coordinated.

This residence with it's yellow painted stucco is very appealing!


or fancy, lemons are delightful when displayed in containers.

This is one of my own designs with yellow walls and an exotic flair.

Pretty accessories and a large wooden bowl of lemons make a great vignette.

I love the yellow doors in this fabulous room!

Blue and yellow....a wonderful color combination.

This wreath would look good on any door because yellow seems to compliments any color.

The yellow siding and white trim make this front porch so warm and cozy!

Yellow is the perfect accent in this great country kitchen. Try papering your ceiling!!

What is it about yellow striped awnings?

A great mix of patterns gives this room it's charm,

Breathtaking! What more can I say?

Yellow flowers will always make your house bright and cheerful!

You can almost smell the freshness in this kitchen! I think white glazed tiles and  lattice gives and overall crispness to a room.

If this space doesn't cheer you up nothing will!

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