Saturday, October 20, 2012

Decorating With Roosters For A French Country Look

This post is all about fabulous poulets, their posh coops, and how they have been used to create a design trend.  French Country interior decorating is inspired by sunny, rural, Southern France .Generally, there are two ways you can go here:  the white, almost "shabby" look - pale, romantic and elegant with exposed natural elements such as stone walls and floors and beamed ceilings. The second kind, being featured in this post, has a more  rustic, country feel - heavier and more solid with warmer colors, textures, and darker woods. Both of these looks will work well separately or together to give you the French Country decorating style.

When choosing pictures or accessories for this kind of French Country, roosters are a very typical French theme – they are the national emblem of choose anything with roosters on it, to make sure you get a very authentic, French Country interior design look. While roosters can be used in any room, kitchens are the best place to bring roosters into your design. Just a word of caution, don't over do it and have roosters all over the place. Be subtle and choose your accessories well. You will have a better, more refined look.

This stone rooster is a  great focal point for this country vignette.

This is a lovely example of how roosters are used as decor in French County styled kitchens. 

 This is a great way to create swags for a window treatment! Learn to think outside of the box!!!

Black is a wonder color to use with French Country. This painted and distressed console features a rooster and is perfect for the French Country look.

A country inspired  tablesetting isn't complete without a rooster!

This country display features a hen and her chick.

Rooster art is prevalent in home decor stores today. You should have no problem selecting the right piece for your  interiors.

This kitchen is one of my designs for a client and features several rooster inspired accents.

This pretty chair and bouquet  is eye pleasing even to the the barnyard fowl.

Using fowl in landscape design.

Queen of the coop!

Pillows are wonderful accessories and a great way to bring a SUBTLE touch of your rooster obsession to any room.

These homeowners have chosen to use roosters on their window treatments. 

What chicken wouldn't want to live here?

I love the way they have repurposed a chest of drawers

Cute bench!

There are so many lovely fabrics  to work with if you like this style and want to add roosters into the mix. Remember this style works best with pattern so chose a few fabrics that work well together for upholstery or window treatments.

Chicken are funloving!

They even inspired a dance in the 70's, the funky chicken!

 I have a special place in my heart for roosters. I had one as a  pet who would chase us kids on our bicycles just like a dog. His name was Chester and everybody loved him.We lived in town so it was unusual to see a big white leghorn rooster roaming around the neighborhood. Sometimes he might be a block away but when you called his name, he would crow to let you know where he was. It was hilarious!! Some college aged boys on the street got him for Easter one year and a birdbath fell on him and hurt his leg. They gave him to me and I nursed him back to health but he always had a limp. He was a fun pet and provided me many good memories of growing up with an unusual sidekick.

Some images that I use for my blog posts are my own, but most come from Pinterest and other similar sources. If I have an image that belongs to you, I will be glad to remove it at your request.
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