Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Decorating With Nailhead Embellishment

Always decorative, always functional, now unabashedly glamorous, nailheads are furniture's new jewelry. I remember nailheads being used on upholstery in the 80's. In fact I had a couple of chairs trimmed in them. It is a classic look that appears in vogue from time to time. The newest trend in nailhead decor is the use of them on ceilings and walls. Actually there are all sorts of ways to use nailheads today. Like I always say, BE CREATIVE and find your own way to use them in YOUR home decor!!

Add detailing to a trunk!

You can make your design as elaborate as you like.

Nailheads are perfection when used on headboards.

You can also use the nailheads to attach fringe to your chair.

Designer details to dress up your cabinets.

I love the walls!!

Wow! This took some work. 

I love this interesting wall treatment. It gives an industrial look to this room that is very fresh and modern.

It's very easy to trim out your chairs with nailheads. And the effect is worth all the work!

Just the right touch!

This is a fabulous bench or you can imagine it as a head board.

Just a small touch can pay big results. 

These chairs are lovely trimmed in silver nailheads.

Samples of the variety of heads available for your design.

I love the intricate pattern on the sofa of this colorful, eclectic, room.

Don't forget window treatments. Nailheads are perfect for valances.

This would be a great nailhead starter project.

Then you can work your way up to something like this ottoman!

This is something YOU CAN DO to add a touch of glam to your interior design!  Try it and enjoy the fruits of your labor as your guests talk about how simply fabulous you are!!
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