Monday, November 19, 2012

Decorating With Brown

Want to warm up a room post haste? Nothing does it like chocolate, mocha, caramel, cinnamon. Yes brown can be boring, however if you do it right, brown  becomes a wonderful neutral that can wrap you  up in a toasty atmosphere of  elegance and refinement while remaining warm and cozy. Brown is masculine enough for men to be comfortable with yet can also be made feminine by the right accessories. There are so many shades of brown it is easy to bring depth to a room. And brown is a great background for colors that POP.  Enjoy these great images of brown interiors and be inspired!

Have fun with your own personal TASTE in.........delicious BROWN!!

Remember walls don't have to be painted a solid color. These striped walls bring so much drama to this room.

This a beautiful room! Black works so well with chocolate brown.

I love a room that is brown because of all the beautiful wood in it.

See how these colors  pop against this rich chocolate paint color.

Brown and white always crisp and clean.

Wallpaper is ALWAYS a fabulous alternative to paint. There is a wide variety of patterns out there to choose from and wallpaper is definitely making a comeback.
Don't be  afraid to use dark paint or wallpaper in a small space. Look how cozy this area is.

Another example of how a color can come to life against a brown background.

Pretty pastels also pop against shades of brown.

Actor Gerard Butler's apartment.

Green and brown is a good combination. It is a very safe combo if you want some color but are afraid to go too dramatic.

Don't forget your tablesettings.

This dark chocolate dessert is scrumptious!!

This shade of brown is so pretty when used with the dark furniture.

This is a room I did using aqua and brown with touches of Tuscan red.

This brown mono-chromatic room is so elegant.

Beautiful caramel walls and a dark brown ceiling. Add in all the lovely accessories and who wouldn't be happy here!

Check out this lovely brown nursery and that CEILING!!!!!

I usually don't like stark white woodwork used with  dark walls. However brown is an exception and works beautifully with these colors.

This is a great example of how a piece of art can bring all the color you need in a mono room.

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