Monday, November 26, 2012

Decorating With Tufted Upholstery.........Classical AND Modern

When you think of diamond tufted upholstery, several styles come to mind. Many think of antiques and High Victorian style rooms. Many others think of Hollywood glamour. Imagine the old Hollywood bedroom of Jean Harlow or other starlets of the era. Somewhere in that room there will  probably be a piece of diamond tufted upholstered furniture. A headboard, or maybe a vanity chair. Now we can add another very modern visual when it comes to tufting. Today transitional and contemporary rooms look fabulous furnished with a tufted leather sofa or amazing patterned headboard. I have never learned the technique but I know others that have. The beautiful headboards displayed in their bedrooms make all the hard work well worth it! I hope if you are contemplating a change in an upholstered piece, you will gain some inspiration from these images and give diamond tufting a try.


An elegant Old World style tufted wall. It looks like it is made of silk.

Diamond tufted banquettes are so glamorous.

Wow what a fabulous wall!

This beautiful tufted Duncan Phyfe sofa works so well in this more contemporary styled room.

A tufted chaise lounge is the perfect boudoir accessory and this one is so feminine and comfy.

Diamond tufted furnishings bring a touch of elegance to any room.

A good do it yourself headboard project!


Then you can work your way up to a tufting project like this!

This is a beautifully tufted headboard and you can tell that the footboard has tufting also.

This warm and cozy space looks like it has velvet tufting on the walls.

Patterned tufted pieces are beautiful but I understand they are much harder to do.

Tufting is usually thought of as an upholstery for antiques but this sofa and colorful contemporary blows that theory!!

Tufted benched are lovely when used in the bedroom.

Very modern!

I love the tufted sofa and the color combination!

Here you go! When you want Old Hollywood glamour this is one way to get it!

The diamond tufting on this bonnet chair  is fabulous.

You won't see this in every house so if you want something very unique.....

Amazing tufted harlequin wall!

Tufted headboards are so pretty and they are a great starting point for learning the technique.

If you are interested in learning to diamond tuft, check out this site. She really seems to know what she is doing and her work shows it.
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