Sunday, November 11, 2012

Decorating With Metallic Gold........Especially At Christmas

After a decade of cool metal popularity for nickel, platinum and silver, gold is making a comeback. It was a long day in the sun for silver, but now the subtle, warm glowing tones of platinum, copper, bronze and gold are showing up everywhere in  jewelry, apparel and now furniture.Says Sensational Color Trends “A symbol of modernism mixed with elitism, matte metallic finishes in gold and bronze take natural to a new level of glamour.” Luxurious and elegant gold metallic and gold leafing are especially capturing the spotlight. Classic and always in style, gold’s strength is its versatility to mix and match with different colors, metal and woods.

Gold is the perfect companion to red, blue, green, pink and the list goes on  (check back for future posts). However for this particular post, I am choosing to concentrate on it's use with other metallic and neutrals.

Enjoy Stay Gold by Stevie Wonder. I have always loved this song. Hope you like it too.

These are so many beautiful china patterns to choose from. You can't go wrong with gold. It's especially pretty at Christmas

There are so many beautiful metallic leathers to choose from for upholstery or covering headboards.

More lovely fabrics to be used for accessorizing.

Jessica Lagrange Interiors LLC


Sometimes just a piece of fabric with metallic patterns can give you the bit of glam you need.

Wallpaper is making a comeback and there are so many metallic patterns to choose from. Don't be afraid to go bold!

This is an antique claw foot tub that I marbleized and gold leafed the rim for an elegant touch. Also papered in gold and cream stripped paper and a leopard fabric border and a subtle metallic french script fabric treatment over the tub.You can add these subtle touches if you want some gold but don't want to commit to 
big statements of it.

This wall has been decorated using a stencil and gold metallic paint. Stenciling is fun and there are so many pretty patterns now to choose from. I like the gold leafed woodwork also.

Burnish your furniture for a fresh look. It is not that hard........

this is a piece I bought for $25.00 at a flea market and painted myself. I painted part of it in a metallic treatment the color of verdigres and then gold leafed the arms and legs.

I love using metallic ceilings. A great way to add an elegant touch.

You have to admit, it's different!

Example of the many fabulous metallic wallpapers available today. Be creative. Find an old piece of furniture at a yard sale or flea market and use metallic paint to give it a fresh look. There are many stencil designs you can use or it you are artistic, create your own designs.

Love the metallic paint used on this coffered ceiling.

Gorgeous wall with metallic treatment. You could  do this under a chair rail, on a ceiling. or use it as a headboard. I don't care for it with white trim....too stark. A slightly creamier paint or even silvered trim would be more eye pleasing.

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