Monday, November 12, 2012

Decorating With Checkerboard and Harlequin Patterns

I simply adore harlequin floors. I have one in my kitchen that I have loved for years. I want one in the foyer of my next house! The harlequin pattern originated 400 years ago on Italy's theatrical stages, where performers who had honed their acts on the street would engage in improvisational comedy. Harlequin was a "servant" who wore brightly colored diamond-patterned tights and a mask. The pattern has been associated with clowns ever since.There is something altogether comical about this design, though it can also be quite classic.

Thanks to the history that is mentioned above, these diamonds are now something of a sophisticated design. The overall design looks particularly spectacular when it is used as flooring. Furniture painted in a harlequin pattern is also popular. Enjoy these pictures and be inspired to try a bit of this pattern in you home.                                                       

Harliquin floors are associated with the elegance and classical refinement of past ages. However today they can be brought into many different styles of interiors.

Kitchens are perfect rooms to bring in some harlequin to your interior design.

Entryways are my favorite spaces for harlequin flooring..

This is a beautiful outdoor entertainment area. Not everybody has a stone floor  But if you have  smooth concrete porch, why not paint it in a harlequin pattern and seal it with polyurathane.

Remember it is not written in stone that the pattern has to be black and white!!                                  

The picture on the right shows how a painted floor can cover a multitude of sins. This floor doesn't match up and has different lengths and widths. The harlequin pattern evens things out.


Grey and white harlequin is lovely in this shabby chic kitchen.

This and the following picture shows the elegance a harlequin patterned floor brings to a room.

Harlequin  painted walls are trendy in today's homes.

You can find a number of furnishings and accessories in home decor stores today.

You can choose variations on the pattern. This still gives you the impression of harlequin.

This kitchen floor has a larger pattern. Something for every taste.

A fabulous contemporary twist on the harlequin pattern.

Baths are great spaces to try out a bit of harlequin.

This patterns works well with certain other patterns. Just select carefully. 

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