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Decorate With Tapestries And Bring Old World Charm To Your Interiors.

If you want to create an Old World aesthetic for your home, you may want to try using an antique tapestry. You can use an older style tapestry to create a beautiful centerpiece or focal point in the room. There are many different types of original designs to choose from, each providing an individual look. Tapestries offer a unique style in decorating any room. A tapestry can be the central core that you decorate a room around, or it can enhance the decor you already have. Bring out one of the main colors of the tapestry to help blend the colors in your room.

Your tapestry wall hangings will last through generations. Owning even one is a true investment. Pictures on your wall are nice, but a home adorned with tapestries makes a personal, elegant statement. Decorating with hanging tapestries is a wonderful way to add class and elegance to your home.

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An antique tapestry is the perfect background for Old World vignettes and seating areas of your home.



There is such a warmth and wonderful texture that an antique tapestry brings to an interior space.


Tapestries have always been a must for stairways!



A gorgeous room that is built around a fabulous antique tapestry.



Most people think tapestries are only used in ornate rooms. This, pic proves how elegant they can be in the simple loveliness of French Country.


One of my favorite designers! He is known for the Old World design he brings to a room........ which he has done through the use of a fabulous antique tapestry.

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This tapestry is the focal point of the room and pulls it all together.

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Antique tapestries add such a soft layer of richness to your interiors.

Lisa Farmer - Eye For Design

I love tapestries and use them in several rooms of my home. This is a vintage French verdure tapestry.

This large French floral tapestry is in my dining room.

Some examples of tapestry pillows. A great way to add a small touch of Old World to your interiors.


A work of art! A tapestry also brings an element of warmth to a room that pictures can't do.

Lisa Farmer - Eye For Design

This hall, in my own home, is an example of how you can use a smaller tapestry and still accomplish an Old World feel. The large tapestries are very expensive but there are many other sizes that are more affordable This is an antique French tapestry that features a hunt scene with riders and even has a castle.



Heavily layered, but it all works!! The tapestry makes a great backdrop.



Remember you can put tables and other furniture in front of your tapestry. It is a background. I actually like them used like this instead of displayed on a wall with nothing else around. They are not as warm when used alone.



An antique tapestry is a quick way to bring a historical feel to any interior.


Tapestries tend to be woven in muted colors. However, there are some colorful examples out there. They are usually more expensive. Remember that you might find a smaller, less expensive treasure during a trip to a local antique store, auction, or vintage market.


I love a space that is layered in opulent rich fabrics and tapestries.


An antique tapestry usually becomes the focal point and anchors the whole room.


Tapestries were designed to keep wall in castles and chateaux warm during cold winters. They will actually help keep modern walls warm and your living space cozy and stylish. They definitely provide and old world atmosphere to an interior.


You can hang a tapestry from a rod or actually frame it with molding. It doesn't matter, they are lovely either way!


Antique tapestries are beautiful when used as the focal point of a bed. Use them behind headboards, as coverlets, or canopies.



Use a tapestry AS a headboard!


This antique tapestry is an elegant work of art for this log home wall.

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Remember tapestries don't always have to hang on the wall. One of my favorite ways to capture old world flair by using a tapestry is through fabulous upholstered pieces.


Lisa Farmer - Eye For Design

Another tapestry from my home.


Accent your room with a lovely tapestry covered chair.


There are a number of ways to use tapestries, just think outside the box.
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