Saturday, November 17, 2012

Romantic Chintz Interiors....The Mario Buatta Way

AHHHHH.....romantic chintz. Who doesn't love it? Beautiful florals and patterns that coordinate so wonderfully together. The finish varies; some chintzs are very coarse and rough, while others are smoothed and almost glossy. Bedrooms decorated with chintz usually evoke romantic notions of amore.

Chintz was originally a woodblock printed, painted or stained calico produced in India from 1600 to 1800 and popular for bed covers, quilts, and draperies  By 1680 more than a million pieces of chintz were being imported into England per year, and a similar quantity was going to France and Holland. With imported chintz becoming so popular with Europeans during the late 17th century, French and English mills grew concerned, as they could not make chintz. In 1686 the French declared a ban on all chintz imports. In 1720 England's Parliament enacted a law that forbade "the Use and Wearings in Apparel of imported chintz, and also its use or Wear in or about any Bed, Chair, Cushion or other Household furniture". Of course The Court of Versailles was outside the law and fashionable young courtiers continued wearing chintz. 

Mario Buatta is called "the Prince of Chintz" and designs some of the most classic, romantic rooms anywhere. Although he is know for his work in chintz, he uses many other luxurious fabrics in the most beautiful ways. He is know for layering pattern and texture and his rooms are always fabulous. Hopefully you can get some ideas for your interiors.

Architectural Digest
Mario Buatta designed Mariah Carey's New York apartment. This and the following 2 pics are from her home.

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