Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Decorate Your Home With The Color Peacock Blue

Have you noticed that when a peacock opens his plumage in a crowd of people everyone gasps. It never fails! The spectacle of color is so breathtaking and beautiful. Trust me, if you want the same  reaction from your guests, have them walk into the room you have recently redecorated in the color Peacock Blue.

Peacock  is a dramatic color but isn't "over the top". It is bold without being shocking.
Although it is actually quite a dark color, it can be used without too much difficulty in small rooms, without being too overpowering...This is because teal is a cool color - in the 'blue family'.
This makes walls painted in this color appear further away when you look at them. 

If you want to give a boring room an instant pop of color, decorate with peacock blue. The images in this post are to inspire you and help you see the beautiful combinations of colors that can be used with peacock to give you a "WOW" factor room. 
If you are not committed to peacock blue walls paint them neutral and add some accent pillows in a rich fabric

Add a touch of red for a pop of color in a deep peacock blue room.

Peacock  is a bold color that works well with white millwork.

Orange is a good secondary color when decorating with peacock.

Painting the inside of shelves is a way to make a big splash without covering your whole wall in a color.

Gold is also a good accent color for peacock blue.

I love these deep peacock walls. And look at how well green works with it.

Peacock, brown, and white.....very pretty!

You can see on a real feather just how pretty these peacock colors look with brown. You can see for yourself in the image below.

Gorgeous color combination!

Sure, it is a bit bold, but it is so beautiful and glamorous!

Connie McCreight Interior Design: The Peacock Room

Perfect example of how you can make a statement with peacock on a smaller scale.

If you are not willing to commit to peacock blue as the main color in your scheme, try adding a touch of it as an accessorizing color. It looks wonderful against a neutral wall.

Bright and bold!

Benjamin Moore Paint

Kiwi and peacock walls give this small space some big style.

The perfect carpet for someone wanting a touch of peacock! Remember the color doesn't always have to be on the walls! Look for ways to incorporate this color is in unexpected ways.

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