Friday, December 14, 2012

Decorating With Stripes

Classic or modern, whimsical or formal, every home should have a little stripe. Tone on tone stripes can be subtle, for a formal, easy-to-live-with look and are great for adding a little visual interest without overwhelming a room with pattern. Carefully placed stripes can look elegant.  Or you can choose fun, multi-colored stripes designed to blend with any color scheme.  Multi -colored stripes can be whimsical but too many stripes or too colorful of stripes can cause a room to resemble a circus tent. 

Thin stripes have a bigger impact on the eye while thick stripes are more relaxing. The great American decorator Dorothy Draper once proclaimed, “The wider the stripe . . . the smarter the effect,”. Horizontal stripes make the room feel larger whereas the vertical stripes make your room feel taller.

Whichever style you prefer, stripes are great for refreshing your home. Whether you use them for the drapes or for smaller items such as a throw pillow, they immediately become the center of attention and steal all the focus from the rest of the room. This is why you need to be careful when using stripes.Just remember -a little can go a long way!

Alternate a glossy and a matte paint in similar tones for a gorgeous outcome.

Striped tablecloth sets the stage for this party.

There are many styles of painted furniture to choose from. Or if you are creative, this is something you can do for yourself.

Horizontal stripes are very popular today.

I love my stripes on pieces of upholstery. This bed is lovely.

Don't be afraid to mix stripes and florals. Just be very selective.

Multi-colored stripes are great for pulling together multiple colors in a room.

Don't forget the ceiling!

Here is an examples of a tented ceiling. Stripes are perfect for this type of treatment.

If you don't want to commit to walls of stripes, find a small area where you can have at least a few.

They look amazing on draperies.

Painted stripes and shields give this room personality.

Magnificent Baths by Massimo Listri

Pillows are another way to add some to your decor.

They are perfect for a masculine room.

If you prefer, keep your stripes underfoot!

Wow, Very bold!

There is something so cherry about yellow and white stripes. This sofa and chair are covered in a nice wide stripe that has great visual impact.

I prefer vertical stripes on window treatments because it causes the eye to travel upward and I like ceilings to look as tall as they possible can.

Diagonals are wonderful also. In a neutral room, this striped rug brings pizazz.

Another example of how diagonal stripes bring excitement to a room.

You can always choose subtle tone on tone stripes for your home.

Horizontal striped curtains are trendy and can make a small space seem wider because the eye travels from side to side..

Beautiful pastel stripes!

Wide ones are more relaxing and are great in nurseries.

Stripes are classic yet modern. These chairs reflect that fact.
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