Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Elegant Interiors.......Timothy Corrigan Style

Every designer has their favorite design icons who's work they admire. These are the people that they have followed for years and from which they gain inspiration and the desire to keep decorating. I have a few of my own and will occasionally pay tribute to them in a blog post. Timothy Corrigan is an interior designer with offices in Los Angeles and Paris. His firm, Timothy Corrigan, Inc. specializes in interior design and incorporates antiques into most of its projects. Some of his work is in the homes of European and Middle Eastern royalty, and Hollywood celebrities.

Some of the most interesting interior designers come to their careers by unorthodox paths. Until 1996 Timothy Corrigan was a Mad Men-like dynamo advertising executive at Saatchi & Saatchi who, while based in Paris and later in New York, liked to fix up places in his spare time. Little by little, friends began asking him for help. He had no training in the field, but he had a good eye, and he learned fast. Some of his design work was published. Soon he was being engaged to take on entire projects. Before he quite knew what was happening, he had a day job and a night job, both enormously demanding. Corrigan has been named one of Architectural Digest's 100 World's Top Interior Designers and Architects. I hope you enjoy taking a peek at his work.

You can see the French influence in this decor. Paled down colors and restraint in choosing furnishings.

In all his projects, Corrigan favors an eclectic mix of styles and periods.

Colorful with an exotic flair.

“Even though I like to shake things up a little,” Corrigan says, “I aim for a kind of look that usually takes generations to achieve. To be surrounded by history but live in it on my own terms is for me like having a long-held dream come true.”

Corrigan recently purchased Château du Grand-Lucé from the French Government. He has renovated it to it's former glory.

A close up of the facade. 

He has also refurbished the Château de Gallerande.
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