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Decorating Nautical Interiors

People that love the sea have a passion for anything nautical. It seems to be a way of life and not just a design preference. It is said that if you stay on the water long enough you will have salt water instead of blood coursing through your veins. For these people, nautical home decor is the next best thing to life on a yacht. Decorating with authentic nautical antiques and furnishings, original marine art and handcrafted nautical accessories, and ship's salvage, is a way to incorporate a little comfy, nautical elegance into your day-to-day look and home decor.

Whether or not you like sailing the high seas, boating around Nantucket, or lunching at the yacht club, this all-American look is a warm weather standard and one that easily translates into home decor.You can turn your own home into a seaside retreat no matter your location. Remember it's not just a themed kids room anymore.

Make sure you listen to the sets the mood!!

A fabulous nautical themed window.

Compasses, telescopes, maps, globes, are nautical elements you can collect and use in your decor.

Invest in a large ship model and make a big statement.

The weather vane, copper lanterns, and nautical themed rug give this hall a coastal feel.

Marine white and a sailboat is all this rooms needs.

Simply done for a nautical party.

Marine themed accessories may be all you want for a subtle touch of the high seas.

Red, white and navy is always a good color scheme for a nautical style room. This bedroom doesn't have alot of nautical accessories but the colors and patterns still give the feel of a marine room.

Nautical colors inspired the living room of a Hamptons home decorated by Victoria Hagan.

Lighter sand colors, sky blues and whites are very common and are often highlighted with bold colors like dark ocean blues or reds

Marine decor includes several items like nautical wheel clocks, ship wheels, porthole mirrors, life ring nautical clocks, nautical brass anchor bell, diving helmet, compass telescope, compass box, sand timer hour glass, antiqued cargo light ship, nautical lanterns, wooden ship models, sailboats, boat oars, barometer, and  much more.

Where you live might feel like the farthest place from a summery oasis, but you can bring the beach to your own abode with nautical home decor

While this look is popular for homes next to the sea, the look can be achieved no matter where you live. Decorate a room in your home, or your entire house, so that your love for the sea is apparent to everyone who enters your home.

The wood and canvas materials are reminiscent of boats and life at sea, and help create the illusion of life on a boat.

Nautically inspired, this bedroom incorporates all the accoutrements of the high seas—nautical pendant flags, sailboats and canvas pillows.

Sailboat models are great accessories. Add in the color red, the stripes, and the lantern and your room is sea worthy.

In a guest room, model boats are displayed on the walls, and the striped curtain fabric is by Clarence House.

I love the sailor hats at this nautical themed party.

The primary colors and shapes, the educational value of learning about the sailors’ communication system.

With it’s clean lines and calming colors, the nautical look never goes out of style!

Maritime White mixed with light blue stripes is a great look for nautical bedrooms.

Nautical at it's best!

Any marine inspired home needs ropes. Here are a couple of great ideas for them.

Framed flags made of red and white Coach leather, crisp navy and white cotton curtains and upholstery, and tailored stripes.

Gifs from tumblr

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