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Decorating Your Walls With Plates

People have always hung plates on walls. I remember my mother using plate hangers to show off some of her prettiest antiques. Plate walls became very popular a few years ago and even though they have their critics,  people still seem to like them. It is a way to display your plate collections that can be fun and whimsical or very elegant. So my design advice is....if you like it go for it. Just make it a well thought out project and you will enjoy it for years to come. Here are some images to give you design ideas.

Pretty ribbons are an alternative to plate hangers for a feminine room.

I like the dimensional effect better than just hanging them flat.

You don't always have to have big collections. This simpler plate display gives this bedroom a pretty feminine quality.

Be creative in the shapes you choose for your plate walls.

All like color plates makes a big overall statement.

Use plates of different shapes and sizes but in the same color. It adds interest.

I like small plate shelves mixed in with the hanging display.

Again, mixing shelves and other display elements with your plates makes it more interesting.

Recessed nooks are great spaces to display your plates.

Have fun with your plate displays.

This red transferware makes a lovely focal point above the mantle.


Beautiful blue willow display.

Remember a plate wall can be papered as well. Just make sure the look is coordinated well.


Like I said BE CREATIVE and this is your chance to have some fun.

Here is another clever idea for a plate wall.

This is an example of another dimensional wall display.

Very nice pattern and color coordination between the plates and the others furnishings.

There are so many ways to make your plate wall unique.

This would look great in an apartment!

The ideas for plate displays are endless.

A plate wreath....why not?

I had to add this. A great project for the plates you break while creating your plate wall!!

Here and below are SOME peoples idea of plate walls.

Don't forget your exteriors!

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