Friday, March 29, 2013

Decorate With White Kitchens.....An Old Favorite Is Back In Style

I love white kitchens and have never had anything else whether it was on trend or dated. Of course you who follow me know I don't live and die by the trend of the moment. I am however glad to see an old friend welcomed back and this is the case with the white kitchen. It is a stunning, clean, bright and open look, and can be quite formal. If you want them to look warmer just dress them up with colorful art and accessories or  design them with the earthy charm of a French style cuisine. Wooden beams and dark wood floors all add up to a very cozy kitchen. Also I love Persian rugs in a wood and white kitchen. It all just depends on your particular style and personality. 

I hope you will come away from this post with a different perspective on the white kitchen. Hopefully you will see how they can be designed to evoke warmth and charm.

Subway style tile backsplash is perfect for this white kitchen.

I like the island in this kitchen, very handy AND aesthetically pleasing.

The deep sink, plate racks and glass cabinet doors make this a charming kitchen.

This kitchen had me from the window treatments!

Don't be afraid to add a different color to your center island.....

or the insides of you cabinets.

Natural exposed beams are such great accents for any kitchen, but especially a white one.

Such a pretty kitchen. I love the sconces!

The black stove and beautiful ceiling are standouts in this kitchen.

No one could label this a cold, sterile kitchen.

I love this happy kitchen! White is so pretty when punched up with bits of color.

Another charming white kitchen.

I love the crystal chandeliers. I am looking for one for my kitchen as we speak!

What a lovely eating area. I love the Queen Anne chairs used as kitchen chairs.

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