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Needlepoint.....Creating Heirlooms For Your Interiors

This is a post I recently did as a guest post for a needlepoint blog belonging to a friend of mine. I thought I would share it here for my readers as well.

My mother gave me many gifts in her lifetime, but the one I treasure the most is the time and effort she took to teach me to do needlepoint. She taught me when I was a teen and at the time I had no idea how later in life I would grow to love making beautiful needlepoint pieces for my home. I have always loved historic homes and have renovated two, filling them with antiques and of course beautiful needlework. I think it is such a shame mothers today aren't teaching their daughters the art of needlework. I have a 17 year old son so I won't be passing my mother's gift on.....unless he gives me a granddaughter someday!! Indulge me as I share a post about beautiful, romantic, needlepoint images. I hope they will inspire you to create some heirlooms of your own.

Sir Joshua Reynolds captured three ladies moderately absorbed in their needlework. Being handy with a needle was a basic task all 18th Century women were expected to master.

Such a pretty heart picture made from petitpoint (smaller stitches than needlepoint). What a wonderful little frame.

The chair is covered in needlepoint and the two framed pictures are also needlepoint.


I think needlepoint gives your interiors a decidedly European flavor.

Even small pieces add that antique touch.

A stunning French chair covered in needlepoint. Maybe the N is for Napoleon.

Tiny little stitches create this vintage brooch.


Needlepoint has always been very popular in  France as well.


This is a beautiful antique bench with needlepoint top.

A Louis XVI footstool covered in needlepoint.

I came across this fabulous bell pull. I love needlepoint with black backgrounds. It's harder to do but worth the effort.

Some of the needlepoint pillows I have done are displayed in my bedroom.

Needlepoint was used to completely upholster chairs and settees. I have recovered chair bottoms but can't imagine a whole chair. They are stunning.

I think this box of chocolates is so clever and such a good idea for Valentine's Day.

Graham Rust needlepoint designs are wonderful and have an old world appeal.

 Very tiny stitches called petite point adorn this Continental Glass. During the Biedermeier period (about 1825-1850)

This is a large oval antique petite point  picture I found on one of my treasure hunting trips. It has tiny micro stitching and is amazing up close.  It is hard to believe anyone can do this by hand but you can see her mistakes and the oval is off where she miscalculated. Also to the right is a  bell pull that I did in needlepoint.

With the popularity of Downton Abby, interest in English decorating is increasing. You will notice lots of needlepoint pillows like the one in this chair.

These pictures are done in needlepoint but you can also see the petite point in the faces,hair, arms, and animals.

Here are a few new needlepoint pillows that will give your interiors an English look. You can buy them completed or purchase the kit and do it yourself.

These new designs have an old fashioned appeal.

Here is a great example of needlepoint and petite point. To me the most elegant pieces are when the two are mixed.

Fabulous needlepoint rug.

These are from the 1800's Can you imagine wearing shoes like this?

These antique needlepoint purses are exquisite. I collect petite point compacts and would love to add some purses to my collection.

You can find needlepoint on some of today's fashions.

So much work in this fabulous skirt!

Some more of my pillows. These are in the hall.

A Pontremoli Needlepoint Rug made in 1920

Some fun new patterns. There are so many lovely things you can make for yourself or for your home and needlepoint is easy and very relaxing. Visit a stitchery shop sometime and take a look for yourself. 

Check out this needlepoint  ipad cover!


Happy Stitching!!

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