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Old World Interiors ......Diane Burn Style

This post is dedicated to one of my all time favorite designers, Diane Burn. I have been a fan for many years now, ever since I saw her work featured in  Architectural Digest in 1983.
When Diane Burn talks about her interiors, she uses the language of enchantment—“ illusion,” “charm,” “fantasy.” “Imagination is huge for me,” explains the designer. “All of my interiors make you feel transported to another era.” Heavily influenced by European design (“Even as a child I had a passion for Versailles”), her tranquil, romantic rooms evoke those of 18th-century ch√Ęteaus. Louis XVI pieces and whimsical print and check fabrics, not to mention her signature wall treatments, all figure prominently. “I really don’t do modern,” says Burn, who counts among her inspirations designers Renzo Mongiardino and Madeleine Castaing and collector Lillian Williams. “I long for the return of classicism or traditional design.”“I think decorating is always creating an illusion, to make things look loftier, more elegant, as though you’re stepping into another era, away from harsh everyday realities,” the designer observes."A lot of people ask me if I can do anything else,” Burn remarks. “I can, but I’m very comfortable doing what I do. It holds up. I try for the classic, the traditional and the timeless.”

(Quotes from Architectural Digest articles.)

Diane Burn

"I admire designers who are versatile, but I'm like a composer whose works you can always recognize."


Diane Burn's focus is first on the backdrop of a room, the faux finishes, glazes, and trompe l,oeil, then she addresses the furnishings.

Her work is usually a collaboration with a mural artist. Artist Karin Linder painted the walls and ceiling in this spectacular room.

Her look can be rustic or formal but it always seems to have a  French influence.

This is actually a small dining area but thanks to the magic of Diane Burn, it appears larger.  This is due to  the floor to ceiling French mirror and the trompe l'oeil wall niche. 

Diane Burn creates some of the most beautiful beds in the business as proven by the lovely mix of toile and checks on this Lit A La Polonaise. This style bed is so romantic!

You have to look twice at the faux bookcase!

Another room with subtle faux finished walls and dreamy pale colors.

Beautiful bed in the A La Duchesse style.

She is also known for rich, luxuriant window dressings.

You never get a plain painted wall in Diane Burn designs.  Scrumptious bathroom!!

What a wonderful French inspired kitchen. I love the table and the ceilings, as always, are fabulous.

In this room the designer used rich fabrics and French antiques to create a soft mood. I love her use of the capital base table.  

Diane Burn uses columns in many of her interiors. You can see one in this room and will notice others in the rooms below. Here is an example of a fabulous Venetian sofa .

The  grisaille arabesques and instrument  painted on the walls are by Ann Aubergonois. Joe Salazar is the artist responsible for glazing the lovely walls in this living room. The collaboration with artists is what makes a Diane Burn room a virtual work of art.

Another sumptuous bedroom for relaxing by the designer.

More beautiful walls set the stage for this interior

In this room a beautiful 18th century table serves as the focal point. And notice 
 the painting above the windows......makes a simple window look extraordinary!

The combination of wall finishes, beautiful French furniture, and lovely relaxed prints and plaids give this room it's Old World feel.

 Another lovely painted frescoes by artist Karin Linder. I love the way all Diane Burn interiors are so warm and intimate.

Everything about this room makes you feel as if you are in the 18th century. This is the gift Diane Burn's brings to a room.

Another one of Burn's richly layered bedrooms.This one features an Antique French Directoire Style bed.

What can I say except the walls once again are fabulous.

This is a truly dreamy bedroom.

Diane Burn has the ability to make a residence look as if it has been around for centuries instead of decades.

What little girl wouldn't love a bedroom like this.

Her rooms all have an elegant softness to them, partly because of the wall treatments, but can also be attributed to the range of pale colors she likes to use.

These are not large rooms but they feel so grand!

The wall treatments make this room look centuries old.

I love, love, love, this Burn kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed this fabulous designers work!

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