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Decorating Rose Patterned Interiors

 Many of you have a guilty pleasure about roses and would love to use them in you interiors but feel like they are considered old fashioned. I think roses are classic and classic decorating elements are always in style. You just have to use them in different ways. 

Decorating with roses has taken a hiatus as of late. That always happens after a style has been popular. The Shabby Chic look used roses en mass, so naturally now people tend to want something different. 

However, English Country seems to be making a comeback and we know  how pretty rose chintz is. It can be lovely when done correctly. The other side of decorating with roses is the art of using restraint. It is a key word in today's rose themed rooms. I prefer a touch or rose here and there. The purpose of this post is to show some elegant ways to use the rose in your decor. 

Today's interiors are more English in nature and less shabby. English chintz rose patterns will always be en vogue. And Colfax will always have them!

In home decor, roses have long been a favorite motif, in wallpapers, lace, chintz, and soft silk furnishings such as curtains, bedding and carpet.

The rose can also be used in more transitional designs.  One large item can be used to make a statement.

Bright and colorful rose wallpaper gives this classic room a fresh contemporary look.

Fresh approach to rose wallpaper.

I love the fun mix of vintage and modern!

Roses are still popular and are lovely in English decor.You will see rich mahogany, walnut, and cherry in the English rooms as opposed to the painted and distressed furniture associated with Shabby.

 Roses are a common theme in the English style room.

Beautiful rose pillows to accessorize with.

A more contemporary rose rug. Sometimes alittle rose underneath your feet is all you need.

Roses everywhere may not be your style. Use rose decorated accessories scattered about instead of covering your walls.

Roses are often seen in French interiors and are elegant when used with antique furniture.

This gorgeous mix of patterns brings romanticism to this bedroom.

You can go all out........

or just accessorize with a touch here and there.

You can still use roses and have a fun contemporary look.. This chair is the perfect example!

Take a break and enjoy the music and roses.

Romantic English Style is a comfortable style that appeals to the senses with floral patterned soft materials, painted furniture, drapes and floral arrangements. Femininity is the key to a room decorated in this style.

This is how I prefer to use roses in decor. I like to balance the room with touches of rose.

Start a collection of antique porcelain with a rose motif and display them in a pretty cupboard.

I think a few roses in the form of pretty needlepoint pillows gives a room a feminine English feel.

There are some lovely rose accessories on the market.

Like I said the look of roses today is more elegant than shabby.

Roses are not too old fashioned for new homes.

A very English rose chintz inspired room.

I love some of the new wallpaper patterns.....a bit bolder than their English style cousins.

Son't forget how pretty yellow roses are!!

There is no problem finding pretty rose inspired accessories to decorate with.

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