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Decorating Your Interiors With Copper

With furniture, accessories, wall tiles, lighting fixtures, tubs, sinks, ceilings and kitchen countertops, copper is making itself well known in the design world. This color is sexy, bold, and depending on what it’s paired with, can read either feminine or masculine. It's a hue that’s on the rise but may be flying below your design radar — for now. This glowing color doesn't boast, it doesn't overwhelm. Instead, copper makes its presence known very subtly while stealing the show. 

Because copper has a warm quality and can be finished in many different tones, it goes well with nearly any interior design. It can look bright and shiny; this style often feels contemporary. Then there are copper finishes that are much darker with hardly any luster. When you decide to incorporate copper into your decor, the question is not whether to use copper, it is which finish and design will best compliment your home decor.

Creative use of copper in product and interior design sets exciting and exquisite trends in home decorating. By adding well thought out copper accents you will have guests impressed with your design sense. If you are looking for something fun and new that will look great for a lifetime, don’t be afraid to accent your home with copper. Where can you use it? Just about anywhere. Here are a few examples of where you can let copper shine in your home.

It’s an unexpected new neutral and blowing up as a trend, so you may not love it yet…but it will grow on you.

So, you are now ready to add copper to your home decor but you would like to know where and how much. The best advice is not to allow the copper to compete with the predominant finishes in your home but allow it to work as an accent. You can add subtle accents and even add bold accents to dramatically enhance the beauty of your home.

The glamorous color brings an unexpected twist to decorating, whether used in large amounts or in small doses.

What a fabulous ceiling!

Subtle accents of copper can be integrated into the home quite easily and effectively. The simplest solution is to acquire some copper accessories or home furnishings.

 The columns display a copper tone also reflected in the floor-to-ceiling draperies.


Beaten copper ceiling.
This is  a pretty copper colored living room.


The burnished glow of copper radiates beauty and warmth throughout the kitchen, making the kitchen inviting and comfortable.

Though it should be polished regularly to maintain its brilliant sheen, polishing copper is easy. Just dip half a lemon in salt and gently rub the copper surface!

Copper Wall by Designer Tina Mellino

Add a copper sink to your bath for instant charm.


The copper insets of the ceiling accentuate the copper mosaic around the fireplace.

Copper colored bed dressings make a  luxurious statement.

Copper is an elegant extra in any home.

When it comes to metal accent walls, copper is an outstanding choice. Raw, aged or treated, copper can bring a depth of color and create an amazing backdrop for understated furnishings.

There are many different copper looks and finishes. Go for shiny or let it develop a patina.

The hammered copper look is perfect for Old World interiors.

For an easy-to-clean backsplash, consider installing large sheets of copper or copper tiles. The warm patina of this metal blends well with so many species of wood that it's a natural choice in a kitchen or bath. Combined with under cabinet lighting, a copper backsplash renders a warm glow that also creates a peaceful setting in a dimly lit room.

A copper clad countertop would be a stunning addition to any country kitchen. The added bonus here is that copper is also said to have antimicrobial properties - which is a plus in food preparation. Sleek and shiny or hammered and aged, a copper countertop can bring old world charm to kitchen counters or a large center island.

I like the impact copper makes when paired with crisp white, natural wood and pops of jewel tones or pastels.Sleek and shiny or hammered and aged, a copper countertop can bring old world charm to kitchen counters or a large center island.

Adding a copper hood to the kitchen makes for a grand copper finished kitchen. A copper hood really makes the kitchen a home. When you incorporate a sink with some tiles you have a gorgeous copper accented kitchen. 

Copper also works well with your exteriors.

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