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Decorate Your Interiors With Classical Statuary

An elegantly placed indoor statue adds style and  brings art into  lifelike dimension for your interiors whether it is a gallery wall, formal hallway or table. Scaled, classic indoor statues that replicate Michelangelo's David or even the bust of William Shakespeare arrests the eye and captures the heart. Some will have smooth  finishes, others have rough unfinished edges and chisel work like a Rodin piece. And they can be formed from a variety of materials, including marble, bronze, clay, concrete and fiberglass.

The sculptural bust provides old world charm and adds an intriguing element and accent when included in an attractive vignette.  Busts can become the perfect ornamentation to adorn the tops of so many surfaces such as pedestals, columns  tabletops, niches, or grand pianos. The list is endless. Much like the home library, the ageless appeal of statuary adds character and a sense of timelessness. They are monuments to past eras. Used with other  basic elements of design, this object d’art can be a focal point or an element of surprise for those who are entertained by our spaces.  Not all of us have homes like the ones pictured in there images but that doesn't mean you can't use statuary on a smaller scale. The main thing is to use it well so it can look spectacular. I hope as you study these images you can see how to correctly incorporate statuary into you home. 

Apartments of the Duchesse d’√Čtampes, Fontainebleau, France

This is spectacular! You may not decorate with statuary like this, just hang on there is something for everyone!


I love things done differently and this end table is so unique and entertaining. I would do this in a heartbeat!

A pretty vignette for an entry space.



This is a vignette using a bust that I did in a client bedroom.

Statues and busts are wonderful to work with at Christmas and add such a old world charm.

A good bust will put you head and shoulders above the rest of your friends. I'm sorry, I had to get that out!!


Antique French terra cotta busts stands atop a neoclassical mahogany pedestal.

Many modern homes have wall niches and they are perfect for a piece of statuary

 Much like the home library, the ageless appeal of statuary adds character and a sense of timelessness. They are monuments to past eras.

French sculptor Emmanuelle Piquart has been working with ceramics for over ten years. For her Crapouille collection, she showcases various numbers of small hand molded busts placed at the end of metal rods. The heads contain a since of whimsy and mystery  emotions are portrayed on each bust ranging from happy and loony to anxious.

Very contemporary statue, but still has impact on this room.

This is a fabulous tablesetting using small  busts as favors.

Statuary used in a classical way is always in style and also the pairing of modern with classical elements is a perfect marriage.


Beautiful mix of modern art and classicism.

I like using busts and other small statues like the alabaster Three Fates on the mantle and the marble lion on the desk.

Glenn Gissler Design

This small bust holds it own on this table of larger objects. That's how much appeal it has. I also love the torso reflected in the mirror.

Huntley & Co

This black bust of Mercury is perfection along side of the Greek key trim of the draperies.


There are so many classical elements in this space.



There are lovely statues to be found in salvage businesses, antique malls and upscale flea markets. It is fun to look for that perfect addition for your home.

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