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Olive Green Interiors

People tend to think of olive as drab and  military and unfortunately dismiss it as a good home color when in fact it can add a natural and relaxing tone to your decor. In fact olive green is a big color trend for 2013. It gained popularity last year and looks to be getting stronger for the new year. There are many shades ranging from lighter yellow olive to dark brownish olive. All are lovely when combined with the right secondary colors. I hope these images will help you if you are considering incorporating this trendy color into your home. Olive can be really pretty and is worth a try if you are leaning towards green.

Maroon  is the perfect complementary color for olive. I rely on my eye instead of the color wheel but if you use one you will see that maroon is directly opposite olive.

The gold and orange tones provide some brightness and keeps an olive room from looking dull.

Very pretty contemporary area in two shades of olive. Many of you have large set back areas in your walls much like this picture. I have seen so many houses where that area is empty or may have a plant or something similar. Large artwork is a great alternative for these spaces. Look how this room is impacted by a fabulous art choice.

Here the olive wall is a good backdrop choice for the neutral furnishings and accessories.

Brown and olive green are very natural colors that compliment each other.

Blue is another good color to bring a "pop" to an olive room. It naturally just looks good, and if you check the color wheel, you will see that is because it is adjacent to green.

Two lovely shades of olive and creamy white make this a pretty kitchen.

This room shows how you can use olive as the accent color. The throw pillows, drapery print and  horizontal wall graphic are wonderful touches to use with black. This room wouldn't be the same without the fabulous zebra rug.

Light gray, creamy white and, olive-green color schemes are excellent choices for fresh and modern bedroom decorating ideas that feel very soothing and rejuvenating.

Just wanted you to see how pretty grey wallpapered walls look with olive green.

It's the pimento in the olive. RED. It brings energy to what can become a drab room.


The peacock colored accessories and that vase of red flowers in the painting bring this olive room to life. The fabulous chandelier is icing on the cake.

Shades of yellow work well with olive because olive has yellow as it's base.

The cream, terra cotta, and olive color combination makes this room feel cozy.

Gorgeous fabrics and colors to use with olive green. There is no way this could be considered drab.

Ralph Lauren

Rich, dark olive beings warmth and luxury to this bedroom.

Brown is a fabulous neutral to show off olive. Add in the aqua accents and you have a spectacular room. To give an accent color more punch, repeat it elsewhere in the room.

Olive drab is definitely compatible with khaki!

Yummy to eat and decorate with!!

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