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Decorate With Lace For Romantic Interiors.......In Time For Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day just a few weeks away I thought I would add another post to this month's Vintage Hearts In Time For Valentine's Day post, in celebration of love. Lace is romantic and when used correctly can make your interiors have a romantic and feminine appeal. Unless you are going for a Gypsy or Boho look, just remember restraint is called for if you want romantic interiors. Anything overdone in lace loses the romance because men are honestly turned off by too much frou frou. Bedrooms and window treatments are great places to experiment with a bit of lace. Give your interiors just a hint and your Valentine will find you soft, feminine, and desirable and you WILL get the desired result!!

Just enough to be pretty!

Subtle romantic touches of laces like this go a long way in the romance department.


Stacks of lacy lovelies like this sitting on a trunk at the end of your bed gives a feminine look to your room. Or try them tied up with a satin bow.

A touch of lace at the windows......subtle and elegant!

I never get tired of looking at this picture. These lace panels are gorgeous!

Just enough lace to be sensual.


This is a bit over the top but is pretty in a Gypsy Chic sort of way. I suspect that the picture doesn't do this room justice. The lights distort the true color of the wallpaper and lace which looks like they would actually be more creamy than yellow.


Lace tablecloths can go either way for me. If it is a pretty lace like this then I give it a big thumbs up. But some laces just look cheap. So be selective!!

John Stefanidis

The walls in this bedroom are fabulous. The exposed ceiling is rustic enough to balance the wallpaper. A touch of lace on the bed should be all you need.


You don't have to decorate in the Boho style to appreciate this lovely lace panel. This could be used in any decor.


These are very pretty laces and they look beautiful when draping a bedroom window.


Sometimes lacy pillows are enough to give a room a romantic atmosphere.


This collection of lace pin cushions is a nice display for a tabletop in your bedroom.

I love these lace candles. No man could resist a few of these strategically placed around.

Consider a pretty lace with silver threads to cover your Valentine table.

Again the wallpaper gives you the feeling of being wrapped in lace. The black lace at the bottom of the bed completes the sensual look.

Alexa Hampton design

Just a touch of lace and French milled soap adds femininity to any bath.

So pretty at a doorway!

This looks like an iron grill of some kind. Beautiful!


A great do it yourself project. Use spray adhesive to attach the lace and then gently paint or sponge paint over it in a soft pretty neutral color.Finish it with a matte or gloss (your preference) sealer.

I selected this picture mostly for the lacy lighting. However, the lace box at the foot of the bed would be fun to make in different sizes.



I love collections of lace and linens on display. To me they are prettier stacked or displayed in a beautiful armoire than scattered all over the house. It makes more of a statement.

A fun craft project.

Karen Azevedo

This coverlet isn't lace but has the look of it. So pretty!

Pretty lace tipped towels will make your bath have a soft, vintage feel. This is something you can do yourself  Just be sure and select a good lace that has body and dimension like what you see here. Flat lace will look....well, flat.

Your Valentine's Day gift can also benefit from a bit of lace.

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