Friday, January 11, 2013

Decorating The Stone Home

Some of my very favorite homes are stone. Even the most rugged or rustic have an elegance about them. I love them all, whether they are European or from Pennsylvania (where there are some gorgeous old stone homes). There is such a charm about them and I love the color. Stone grey is such a pretty backdrop for flowers, bushes and trees. Every color looks great against stone, it's so natural. And stone interiors also add refinement, texture and dimension to a room. 

 Well-built stone structures will often stand for centuries. While there are relatively  few around, their long and successful history assures them a general respectability. Today there are some lovely new stone homes being built and contractors are very successful at making them have that aged and weathered appeal. I hope you enjoy this post about the timeless charm of stone homes.

French blue shutters on a stone lovely!!

There is a beauty associated with the elegant antique French chairs set against the backdrop of crumbling stone walls that is hard to describe.

What a fabulous entrance. You simply can't beat stone and exposed beams!!

The simplicity of white furnishings and stone walls is stunning. Baskets are good accessories for the French style.

This is a gorgeous kitchen. I like the color of this stone and the blonde wood cabinets. I can't tell if they are birch or poplar. element that all stone homes are the lovlier for.

This entrance of this newer home has a contemporary castle like appearance.


There are so many wonderful things about this image. It is a treasure trove of ideas from the galvanized tabletop to the chandelier, arched door and window.

The kitchen of Ruth Gay, proprietor of Chateau Domingue, designed by Pamela Pierce.

A beautiful French stone home.

English stone country houses are hard to beat on the gorgeous meter.

Arched windows and a French door add lots of light to this stone room.

There are many wonderful Italian stone homes.

Pennsylvania stone farmhouse

Stone rooms demand crystal chandeliers!

The beams are the piece de' resistance of this French Country stone dining room.

A new home that certainly has Old World charm partly because of the stone walls and ceiling.

The weathered, grey timbers are perfection in this stone room.

While I am not crazy about the hard case furniture in this room, I do like the bed and chaise. The window and the stone ceiling and  walls are so pretty.


Elegant French Country !

This stone kitchen has an Old World quality about it. Who wouldn't love that fireplace!!

This beautiful area has the feeling of  ancient Roman ruins.

I did a faux limestone wall treatment in my hall just to give myself  a "bit of stone". This was taken last Christmas.

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