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Decorating With Bamboo Furniture

In the 1800's, the Victorians loved their bamboo furniture. Today it has gained in popularity and once again is very trendy. If you prefer antiques, there is a great deal of English Victorian bamboo furniture still up for grabs these days. And to think that in the 1800's this furniture was designed to be disposable....last a few seasons and then be discarded. What a testimony to it's structure and sturdiness. These wonderfully elaborate and lightweight furniture pieces have surprisingly survived the test of time. 

Bamboo is not really a variety of wood; it is a type of grass.With the recent demand forenvironmentally conscious design and renewable resources, bamboo furniture has never been hotter. Well not since the 1890s, that is. Designers are incorporating bamboo in innovative and creative ways either on it’s own or as a composite material. Bamboo can be found in chairs, beds/headboard , bamboo flooring, accessories, and many more interior furniture pieces.

While imported goods from the China Seas trade had influenced furniture design in Europe throughout the 18th century, the popularity of Asian inspired furniture and design reached a peak with the John Nash designed The Royal Pavilion at Brighton, completed by the Prince Regent between 1817 and 1822.

Bamboo first captured the Western imagination back in the 16th century, when travelers to the mysterious Far East sent back tales of a wondrous plant Bamboo goes in and out of style, but it has always been terribly chic.

It wasn't until Japanese goods were made available on a wide scale throughout Europe and America that the bamboo craze really began. By the late 19th century, most summer cottages and breakfast rooms were decorated with bamboo (or faux-bamboo) furniture.

English Regency faux-bamboo benches. Bamboo became popular during the, Edwardian period. This furniture was light and less formidable than the dark, heavy, ornate furniture of the Victorian era.

Miles Redd keeps it classic with a bamboo bed, antique carpet, upholstered fabric walls.

Large suites of furniture, particularly for bedrooms, including beds, armoires, wash stands, night tables, chairs, etc., were manufactured in great numbers in England, France and America.

There is no shortage in lighting fixtures and....

accessories like this green faux bamboo painted cache pot.

Decoupage was a popular trend used to decorate bamboo furniture.This site has some beautiful pieces!

Today, bamboo furniture is still versatile and stylish. A few sturdy, lightweight pieces can complement a sleek, modern decor and  they'll also be right at home with more elaborate, Victorian-style furnishings.

My favorite pieces are the painted, delicately designed desks.

An antique English bamboo desk

via pinterest

Michal Venera

Wonderful painted cupboard imitating bamboo.

Jennifer McGee

This type of furniture looks fabulous in a tropical British Colonial interior.

Bamboo also has a lightness and warmth that suits traditional, coastal or contemporary interiors.Bamboo furniture choices can either add a tropical flair or blend seamlessly from the classic to the contemporary.

source unknown

Bamboo is available in many sizes. The extra large is masculine and great for a safari look.

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Pretty faux bamboo four poster.

Here bamboo has been used to trim the doors and cabinets of this eclectic space.

Another example of bamboo trim. Love the white!

source unknown

I this bamboo pieces look especially good against a papered wall.

A lovely bed and screen featuring bamboo.

Bathrooms are perfect places for bamboo. It isn't affected by the moisture so there is no warping or other problems.

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Look at this fabulous armoire! And see how wonderful it looks alongside a french chair.

There are many lovely faux bamboo pieces to be found.

 I went antiquing this past weekend and found several fabulous pieces. Too bad I don't have a client decorating in this style at present.

If you don't care for it's natural state, painted bamboo is very popular.

Palm Beach style features wonderful faux bamboo chairs and other furnishings in many different colors.

Vintage Faux Bamboo Chippendale Chairs

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