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Decorating With Painted Headboards

I am a huge fan of faux finishes and exquisitely painted antique furniture. In fact I am scouring flea markets and antique malls as we speak for a four poster bed that I want to paint in the Italian style.This post is dedicated to the painted headboard which I believe immediately takes a bedroom to a different level of refinement. 

While the art of painted furniture can be traced back to the Egyptians,the art of lacquering was introduced to France beginning with the China trade to Europe in the late 17th century.By the 18th century, richly colored and detailed painted furniture created such a frenzy throughout the courts of Europe that it became a veritable catalyst for a new trend in the decorative arts: the art of painted furniture. By the late 18th century everyone was painting furniture and all across Europe, it became quite apparent that the art of painting furniture had reached the masses by penetrating the vast world of "popular art."

The antiques I show in these pictures are very expensive but you can buy lack luster headboards and give them new life through painting, decoupage, stenciling....just get creative. As you scroll down you will see examples of how others have duplicated the look of antique headboards. Do your homework, find a style to imitate and create your own family heirloom. 

With the Renaissance and exposure of oriental cultures, decorative painting began to transform. Most notably was the introduction to Chinese lacquer. Many beds and headboards were painted in Chinoiserie syle.

Handpainted baroque headboard

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18th c Austrian painted bed. The footboards are painted many times as well.

Spanish Gilded & Painted Bed

Metal beds are wonderful works of art as well.

These antiques will give depth and texture to a home's decor. They will gracefully balance the use of painted natural woods, while providing artistic interest, and they will catch the eye in a delightful way without overpowering the overall scheme

As the interior decorator Ruby Ross Wood wrote in 1917, Italian painted furniture is “the salvation of many a too-dark room.”

Italian painted headboards shares a sparkling character its unknown makers might have called briosità. They just seem to have the ability to cheer you up!

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Floral bouquets and fruit were often symbolic choices to use when painting the headboard.

A late Sheraton painted headboard

Italian (probably Venetian) carved and painted headboard mid-18th century. Crests and coat of arms  were popular motifs. Today a monogram is pretty when painted on a headboard.

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If you don't want to be overwhelmed, sometimes just a painted medallion is all you need.

Whether elegant or simple a painted headboard makes a huge statement in any bedroom

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The Venetians had a fondness for pastels and most of their painted pieces crafted during this time were painted and decorated in soft pastel tones like this headboard.

As the trend for neoclassic designs gained momentum, painted headboards took on a classic look with Roman and Greek motifs

One painted headboard is a real treat but to have twins....fabulous!

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Headboards with black backgrounds were very popular and still are today as homeowners lend their hands to DIY projects.

Today an artist can customize any style you like. Or if you are creative....try it yourself.

MacKenzie-Childs style


These scenes on these modern headboards are wonderful!!

source unknown

Chesapeake twin headboard

Another beautiful style to duplicate is the more provincial American and northern European folk-art style headboards.

source unknown

Painted beds are perfect for children's rooms.

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