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Plaid.....Decorate Menswear Style

Whether you want a combination hunting lodge and stately home, an old fashioned gentleman's club from another era, the feeling of merry old England, or a cozy cottage from the Scottish highlands, menswear plaid will fulfill all your dreams. And ladies if it is a more feminine plaid interior you are after there are beautiful fabrics to help you achieve that look as you will see in this post. The wonderful thing is plaid is trendy right now and looks wonderful in modern traditional and contemporary interiors as well.

From the Celtic plaids to the plaids of the Scottish clans there is sure to be a plaid to fit your design style.

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When the winter weather hits, there is nothing more relaxing than snuggling up into something warm and plaid. Plaid is actually derived from the Scottish Gaelic word plaide, which means "blanket."

A small touch can bring an English feel to any room

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Or maybe Scottish!

The Aran Isles Sofa     Who is more synonymous with plaid than Ralph Lauren?

This is a real menswear room. You have mixed plaids, checks, and an argyle border.

Bronson Van Wyck

Plaid comes and goes in fashion and home decor trends. But it is timeless during the Christmas season.

There are numerous ways to accessorize with plaid.


If you want try your hand at adding plaid to your home, start with the bedding. This is easy to change out and there are a number of styles/varieties for you to choose from.

Plaid patterns warm up any space they are introduced into, whether they pop up on a throw, a pillow or fabrics on furniture.

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Make some slipcovers to use when you need a plaid fix.

If walls of plaid is too much of a good thing for your taste, the other option is to accessorize. Today's plaid fad is a re-working of the timeless tartan in elegant and exciting color combinations to suit any interior. Tartans are available in wool, cotton, silk and linen. Throws, cushions and home accessories available in these fabrics.

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The whole decoration style should make you feel peaceful and comfortable, as if you are living in a remote English village.

Plaid is a great choice for the Equestrian interior.

When incorporating plaid into a room through window treatments, keep your sofa solid and add pillows and other accessories with the same colorings as the plaid.

 Ralph Lauren again!!

A bold element like this zebra rug can liven things up in a conservative plaid interior.

Plaid chair is a standout in this Diamond Baratta Interior

If you truly like the peace and serenity plaid provides, consider plaid wallpapers. This features is of course more permanent, but when done correctly can create an excellent ambiance within any room.

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This comfy plaid chair, is perfect to snuggle up with your favorite blanket and a good book.

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Make a headboard from your favorite plaid, throw on some blankets and pillows and there you have it!

Plaid pattern can be complemented and softened by a floral or toile print.

By all means don't be afraid to mix plaids. How interesting is this as opposed to all being upholstered in the same pattern.

Elle Decor

While many people like the idea of using plaids in their home decor, it is a bold step that may leave them wondering how to decorate.The key is to pair strong patterns with less busy prints and colors throughout the room. Coordinate other colors in the room with those present in the pattern.

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Plaid can also be formal and feminine as demonstrated by these pretty plaid upholstered antique chairs.

Like I said before, bedrooms are a great place to experiment with plaid.



How pretty is this pattern mix? Florals and plaid coordinate well.

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christian lacroix interior

Remember you are not bound to traditional red plaid. This combination of plaids is wonderful and is balanced by the bold purple pillows that bring the curtain color out into the room.

Finding the right combination may take some experimentation, but you may wind up with a look that is both chic and unexpected.   Mix up your patterns!

 Plaid can be combined with other designs to interrupt the color and linear flow of a room. The result is that your plaid pieces stand out and look truly refreshing.

This plaid bath even has a coastal look. Plaid is more versatile than most people think.

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