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Decorating With Venetian Glass Mirrors

Mirrors date back as far as the 15th century Italy when they were made for noblemen and royalty.Then mirrors were created for a strictly functional purpose: to assist with illumination. Mirrors were used in castles and large estates to reflect candlelight or other light sources, which brightened rooms considerably.Venice was one of the first places to manufacture mirrors. Glass making was a specialty of Venetian artisans dating back as far as the 13th century. The quality, craftsmanship and devotion of the glass makers was so intense that they were moved to the Murano Island which was heavily guarded in order to safe keep the secrets of glass making. With time, the Venetian glass mirror makers became more and more successful and the state began guarding their assets. 

Beveled, etched, hand-cut glass with floral designs is the hallmark of a Venetian mirror. Today we enjoy them for their sheer beauty as function is almost an afterthought.

Venetian mirrors will always be the stars of the room!

Some have delicate etching around the glass perimeter, and many are adorned with gracefully ornate feminine rosettes.

What's not to like about mirrors in general... but with sculpted and gorgeous mirrored borders, too? Who could ask for more?

The antique ones are truly exquisite.

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A Venetian mirror adds opulence and stability to practically any style of home decor.

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Known for polished edges and mirrored borders, these mirrors can be found in a variety of shapes, including rectangles, ovals and circles.

The simple one color etched glass type can be very modern looking. This would work well in any modern space, and would add style without shouting at you.

Look at the gorgeous detail on this Venetian mirror.

The beautiful pair of Venetian mirrors in Coco Chanel's dining room.

If you are the owner of a Venetian mirror you should feel privileged to possess such a fine piece of art, history, and luxury in your home.

I think Venetian mirrors are especially pretty when used in an all white interior.

Both antique and modern-made Venetian glass mirrors can be found in sizes varying from towering to tiny.

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As you can see they are fabulous in bathrooms.

Look for small Venetian mirrors or unique ones like this beautiful tri-fold vanity style.

Venetian mirror and tropical interior.

Antique mirrors, although expensive and more difficult to find, may reflect age spots or rings of discoloration, but age only makes the reflection warmer and richer. Newly made Venetian glass mirrors are more readily available, easier on the budget and do not lack any of the original charm and beauty of 16th- and 17th-century styles.

Mirrored furniture and a fabulous Venetian mirror add the sparkle to this Modern Traditional bedroom

Proof that antiques and modern styles can be mixed quite nicely.

This is my favorite because of the beautiful cut out design on top.

Stuart Church

There are Venetian mirror styles to suit any taste from glamorous and flamboyant to elegant and refined. They can be lots of fun, and will dress up whichever room you hang them. 

Venetian Mirror Heaven!!!

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